“Song Jia” thin plum makeup light early spring scenery

2022-06-24 0 By

Shu mei makeup light of early spring scenery/green yi wen xuan when February snow flying in the sky spread wet spring breeze across mountains and rivers in a merlin played music clubs dancing of spring thin cloud gauze fiber diameter drifting out of the cold acerbity acerbity, panxi branches ice jade core snow ooze water deep and remote merlin, light fine season Jian Jian smoke swims hydrophobic garden, according to according to the snow this jiangchuan JuanJuan with fragrant flowers floating,Stains or thousand mark low snow clothes wet leaves light cold cloud, makeup light of the early spring scenery leaf of pink flowers falling in jiangwan river underpinnings, plum blossom in the chill of one piece on the waves washed gently, softly calling thousand flowers than grass spit shoots the snow stops, the soft sunshine petting tree leaves rod fondled soft hair, waiting for the red, yellow, green,…The clothes that is wearing brocade in order to take thousands of rivers plum blossom will winter memory flows blooming bright smile dimple twilight smoke spring cold dip, hang silk heavy and thin shadow urges makeup horizontal flute to float unlined upper garment, long bridge a dream ice melts spring when the language sees a flower, so song deep rhyme decaying is general spring is good, gentle and tender long text: by green yi Xiang xuan original!Out, pictures: Song Jia teacher!Thank you!