The documentary great Winter takes you into a different Winter Olympics

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Why are the Olympic Games divided into winter and summer?Who is faster, the fastest runner or the fastest skater?This winter Olympics documentary is both fun and scientific.With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games coming up, the 10-part documentary fantastic Winter, produced by the Film and Television Documentary Center of the China Media Group, will be officially aired on CCTV-9 from Feb 1.The film focuses on the winter Olympic Games and the highlights of the venue construction of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and other relevant knowledge, using the fun way of “animation + science popularization expert explanation”, multi-angle, in-depth display of the unique charm of the Winter Olympic Games.Fantastic Winter is a 10-part documentary entitled “The Art of Speed”, “Tacit Understanding”, “Stylish”, “Knife Fight”, “Nervous Flight”, “Breathless”, “Crossover”, “Small Abacus”, “The Secret of the Moment” and “Great Winter”.In volume 25 minutes per episode, carefully refined, concentrated selection in the winter Olympics project interesting topic, vividly display the long history of snow and ice project, movement principle and technology, combined with the Beijing Olympics “ice ribbons venue construction field, scientific training methods, such as interesting knowledge, bring the audience interesting, wonderful” the games are popular science dinner “.”Great Winter” invited famous science popularization worker Li Yongle teacher and famous cartoonist “Left Hand Han” to participate in the shooting, together to help create a detailed introduction to the scientific knowledge of winter sports documentary.The film has a lot of animation form of expression, the combination of scientific talent and vivid, lively and relaxed, novel interesting expression and perspectives of the “net” is dye-in-the-wood show the games are the charm of sports and the human spirit of constantly challenge themselves in passing to the audience the Olympic knowledge at the same time, also to show the world China winter sports development achievements,Carry forward the Olympic spirit of forging ahead and transcending reality.By Beijing Youth Daily reporter Xiao Yang