What is the solution to the accommodation problem after a large number of Shanghai couriers return to their posts?The government and enterprises have taken multiple measures to ensure this

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How to solve the accommodation problem after a large number of Courier workers return to work in Shanghai?The government and enterprises have taken multiple measures to ensure the closed-loop management and accommodation security of the personnel outside their homes.In order to solve the problem of insufficient supply manpower, Shanghai municipality on Sunday clearly proposed to support the overall allocation of resources across the country by insurance companies and the introduction and replenishing of new insurance personnel.Delivery workers who are not confined to communities for reasons not related to the epidemic are allowed to leave the containment areas and return to their posts.As more and more riders and delivery boys return to work, attention is paid to the closed-loop management and accommodation security of these insurance workers after they leave home.Related staff of Ding Dong Mai said that the guarantee staff will live in the hotel or pre-warehouse and other accommodation arranged by Ding Dong Mai CAI, and the activity scope of guarantee staff is only limited to the work area and accommodation.Meituan Takeout and Meituan Hotels are also offering free hotel accommodation to more riders who cannot return to their accommodation.However, some e-commerce platforms pointed out that the accommodation arrangement of more and more insurance personnel is a big challenge for enterprises, because there are few hotels nearby that are open and still have rooms, and many employees can only live in stores or warehouses with limited accommodation conditions.Officials from Hema told China Business News on Monday that local governments have agreed to provide parks as camping bases to help companies ease accommodation problems for delivery workers.The company will provide tents and sleeping bags for the insurance personnel.So far, thousands of health workers have been returning to work.Meituan vice president MAO Fang said at a press conference on The morning of July 7 that the difficulty of buying vegetables reported by citizens is mainly due to the lack of sorting and distribution capacity.To this end, Meituan buy vegetables from all over the country to deploy skilled sorting personnel nearly a thousand to help.As of The 7th, Ding Dong Mai Food has recalled 500 front-line employees back to the supply team, and arranged to resume the operation of the pre-storehouse which had been suspended. At present, baoshan, Songjiang, Qingpu, Xuhui, Yangpu and other regions have been closed nearly 30 pre-storehouse, reopened.In the same period, hema has about 300 front-line employees out of the containment area to participate in the supply protection, and some stores that had been suspended are also resuming business.Alibaba Group said on Tuesday that local employees of ele. me, RT-Mart, Hema and Cainiao will return to their jobs as soon as possible, and reinforcements will be mobilized from other places. It expects to add 3,000 new employees such as cyclists, couriers and sorting workers in the near future.In terms of elimination, Ding Dong buy food requires site staff to do nucleic acid every 24 hours, as well as antigen testing, brother will carry out disinfection work after each trip to send a single back.The internal environment of the front warehouse is also disinfected twice in the morning and evening.Meituan also strictly implements nucleic acid test and antigen test every day for its riders and sorting personnel.Chen Tong, deputy mayor of Shanghai and head of Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control leading group, said at a press conference on Monday that communities should set up special delivery teams for the last 100 meters to reach home while strengthening the “last kilometer” transport capacity.