It’s so cute!Japanese reporter is obsessed with it, crazy recommendation, the whole body is the periphery of ice pier pier!

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Speaking of, who are the most popular “stars” ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics?Is not any player, but they – the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics, ice dun Dun, snow rong Rong!The chunky mascots have been especially popular with reporters and early arrivals these days.Among them, especially with the core is the panda’s ice dun Dun, but also become a “net red star”, where to go by a lot of pursuit!The Winter Olympics haven’t even opened yet, and they’re already gaining legions of fans!Including this – Japanese TV reporter Tsujioka Yitomo!I don’t know how the interview is going, but it’s only a week since I came to Beijing. This reporter has become a die-hard fan of Bing Dwen dwen and ambassador of Japan promotion!On January 31, the reporter, who has been immersed in the magic of Bing Dwen dwen, introduced the super cute mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics, holding his newly bought bing Dwen dwen decoration in his hand, said that if Yuanyu Hanyu holds such a cute Bing Dwen dwen in his hand, the bing Dwen dwen will be a big seller in the future!Short!!!!At that time, the interview had made the host of headquarters laugh to death, and many viewers said that he seemed to be a TV shopping host, so hard to introduce a mascot around.But did not expect, Tsujigangyitang reporter and ice pier pier of love, or a series!On February 2, early in the morning, in figure skating arena of attachment, introduce the capital gymnasium, the rear asked, did today took the related intelligence, 辻 YiTang reporters a face of mysteriously said, today is the latest news about ice mound mound, then said as he pulled clothes, pointing to press other latest on ice mound mound of pins,Look, this is a figure skating ice block.Rear host people heard so unreliable “information” is really laugh together, we jokingly said, you also buy too much ice pier pier!Did not expect elder brother next open unlined upper garment, reveal all certificate belt to say, embarrassed!But it’s so cute!So I bought six more!Ha ha ha is simply obsessed with ice dun dun charm can not extricate themselves!And did you notice that the reporter has been wearing a light fleece jacket for several days?Other journalists in the media center and the arena were wearing thick down jackets.In fact, he left his coat on the plane when he arrived in Beijing and could not retrieve it at the airport due to the epidemic prevention and control.So the follow-up when the rear host saw that he has been wearing very thin also made fun of him, bought so many ice pier pier, you pour buy a coat to wear!Well, you saw that in another live interview.I did buy clothes, but it wasn’t a coat.Or Ice Dwen Dwen!It’s just a souvenir T-shirt. It doesn’t protect you from the cold.What a deep love!Do not know this reporter brother end Beijing’s interview mission when return home, will buy empty winter Olympic village ice dun dun?I strongly suggest that the TV station finally shoot a video of him opening the box!Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong are certainly not the only Japanese journalist to be loved these days.Every time they appear in the media center and the Winter Olympic village, they are greeted and chased for photos.In addition, the blanket pillows provided in the athletes’ village have long been popular props for competitors to shoot Vlog.After all, who can resist a panda?What’s more, the panda is also wrapped in a layer of ice and snow sugar shell!