Challenge Zhang Zhenlin!The CBA Slam Dunk competition is expected

2022-06-28 0 By

As the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) officially announced the date of this season’s All-Star game on March 25 and 27, fans have begun to vote for their favorite players, but they are more looking forward to the dunk contest than the all-star game, after zhang Zhenlin’s amazing performance last year.It is understood that the CBA has invited Zhang Zhenlin to play again, and li Tianrong, one of China’s top prospects, is also on the list to challenge Zhang.In the past many fans were poking fun at CBA all-star dunk contest too commonplace, after all, there have been Wang Zai road as farce, zhang town ‘last season after joining the liaoning men’s basketball team, often staged a dunk in the premiership, let the fans cried enough, on the dunk contest, zhang town’ is completed the more difficult moves, even more than the NBA dunk contest, finally he got the dunk king.Li tianrong has a lot in common with Zhang Zhenlin. They both studied abroad and have been amazing since returning to the CBA. Li has been a key rotation player for Shanghai this season and has played well against Guangdong Hongyuan.In addition, Li Tianrong’s jumping is also very good, the game often staged wonderful dunks.Li Tianrong also dunked during the men’s basketball warm-up in Shanghai.So after setting the date for the All-Star game, the CBA first invited Zhang Zhenlin and Li Tianrong to participate, after all, two young players to participate in the dunk contest, it will certainly stimulate their potential.Of all the current CBA players, Li tianrong is also the most likely to challenge Zhang zhenlin.