China’s women’s ice hockey team scored its first win in group stage after beating Denmark 3-1

2022-06-28 0 By

Hebei News, February 4 (Hebei Daily reporter Wang Weihong) Today, The Beijing Winter Olympic Games women’s ice hockey group second round, with two goals in the last minute, China 3-1 reverse beat Denmark to win the group for the first time.The first section of the game, The Chinese team effective shooting superiority, but the Danish team took the lead to score, 0-1, The Chinese team behind.In the second period, China dominated the game, outscoring its opponents by an 18:5 ratio of effective shots, and tied the score at 1-1 thanks to Lin qiqi’s shot in the 36th minute and 46 seconds.Lin Ni and Lin Qiqi scored in the last minute to beat Denmark 3-1 in the third quarter as the two teams battled to gain momentum.China, Japan, Czech Republic, Sweden and Denmark are in Group B for the women’s ice hockey competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics.According to the schedule, group B matches will start first, and the top three teams will join the five teams from Group A in the last eight.China lost 3-1 to the seventh-ranked Czech Republic in their group B opener.On the afternoon of February 6, China will play against Japan, the strongest team in the group.