In 1937 xu Shiyou “defected” and brought a gun to chairman MAO, who did not blame him but encouraged him to use it

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On martial arts, there is a general in our army the most legendary color, 8 years old into shaolin, learn Shaolin kung fu, will fly on the wall, master all 18 martial arts, he is the founding general Xu Shiyou of new China.Before joining the Red Army, Xu Shiyou was not called Xu Shiyou, but called Xu Shiyou.Xu Shiyou is a fierce general, brave combat, born in the Shaolin Temple Xu Shiyou, take the lead, take the lead, when the battle is always rushed in the front.On the way to the Long March, Xu Shiyou with their own bravery outstanding achievements, when the Red Army commander.After the meeting, he attended a meeting of senior cadres presided over by Chairman MAO in Dawei town.This meeting, let Xu Shiyou become Xu Shiyou, also let his life endowed with a new mission.During this meeting, Chairman MAO and Xu Shiyou had several conversations. When they mentioned his name, Chairman MAO said to Xu shiyou, “Which ‘world’ is your name?Is the world of the world or soldier taxi, or official ah?”Xu shiyou replied, “As an official at the beginning of my career, my parents wanted me to be an official. Later, when I joined the army, I changed to a soldier’s taxi, because I was a Red Army soldier.”Chairman MAO joked: “You are now the commander of the Red Army, not an ordinary soldier, our communist slogan is: proletarians of the world unite, you should look at the world, change to the world, not only explain the world’s friends, but also explain that it is better to create a peaceful and prosperous era?”Xu Shiyou listened to deeply moved and inspired, Xu Shiyou from then on called Xu Shiyou, and comrade Xu Shiyou life wish are in the “world” and efforts.Chairman MAO and Xu Shiyou In 1937, Zhang Guotao’s attempt to split the Party and the Red Army was opposed and criticized by the whole party. Xu Shiyou was involved in the criticism of Zhang Guotao and his followers.At this time xu Shiyou felt anxious in his mind, he once thought that the Central Red Army was crowding out the Red Army in other places, so he led some troops back to Sichuan guerrilla idea.This idea was known by Chairman MAO, Xu Shiyou was criticized by a lot of comrades, at this time Xu Shiyou asked to see Chairman MAO, face to face and chairman MAO debate, want to get back a “justice” for the local red army, and asked to bring a gun to see Chairman MAO.Next to the staff heard, very puzzled, afraid of Xu Shiyou do what out of the ordinary things.Chairman MAO, after hearing this, allowed Xu shiyou to bring a gun to the interview.After xu Shiyou saw Chairman MAO, put the gun on the table, angrily speechless, Chairman MAO opened his mouth: “I don’t believe you Xu Shiyou will shoot his comrade.”Hearing this, Xu Shiyou said, “I led my troops back to Sichuan to fight guerrilla warfare, which is also revolutionary. How can I have a counter-revolution?”After hearing this, the chairman said: “If the revolution requires you to go to Sichuan to fight guerrilla warfare, I MAO Zedong will be the first to support you. You do not have ideological burden. The central government trusts you, and SO does I MAO Zedong.Xu Shiyou heard, feel very guilty, from the beginning of this matter, Xu Shiyou swore: “I will follow you in this life to do the revolution!”The chairman laughed and said, “Not with MAO Zedong, but with the Communist Party!”From this beginning, Xu Shiyou dedicated his life to the cause of the Party……Chairman MAO, Lin Biao, Xu Shiyou in talks fighting brave, seconds to kill Japanese officers, the liberation of Jinan city Anti-Japanese War period, Xu Shiyou as jiaodong military commander, in Shandong and Japanese fight to the death.It is said that The Japanese “samurai sword” is famous in the world, but in Xu shiyou’s eyes, it is not worth mentioning at all.Once, Xu Shiyou first came into the enemy positions, and the Japanese see tide, but Japanese officers bushido disease made, want to have “one-on-one hit” and Xu Shiyou, Japanese officers pull out the sword, toward Xu Shiyou cut, Xu Shiyou one hand waving broadsword, didn’t blink eyes, a round, Japanese officers went to see the emperor.Chairman MAO learned that Xu Shiyou in Jiaodong red half of the sky, once evaluated Xu Shiyou as: “Xu Shiyou is a member of the war, red Jiaodong half of the sky, great, great!”To the liberation war period, the liberation of Shandong Jinan fell on Xu Shiyou.Chairman MAO personally designated Xu Shiyou as the commander of jinan city, received the task of Xu Shiyou, regardless of their illness, hurried to the Shandong Corps headquarters reported.On the issue of the liberation of Ji ‘nan, Xu Shiyou invented the “oxadao zi tactics”, advocate the capture of Ji ‘nan to attack its key, hit the snake hit seven inches, concentrated forces and firepower, things and things simultaneously, a number of sharp knives to open blood, straight into the enemy’s heart.Jinan city after warlords, Japanese, the Kuomintang after the operation, into a “rock, impregnable” city, Xu Shiyou gave siege troops under the death order: do not be afraid of difficulties, do not find excuses, their own problems and difficulties, at any time can not stop attacking Jinan city.After eight days and nights of fierce fighting, the East China Field Army liberated Jinan at the cost of 26,000 casualties.Chairman MAO gives an interview with Xu Shiyou (second from the right) Chairman MAO’s “sword in the box” Xu Shiyou was loyal to Chairman MAO all his life.Xu Shiyou often said, “I am loyal to Chairman MAO in life, and dutiful in death, guarding my mother’s grave.”After the founding of New China, Chairman MAO did not put Xu Shiyou on his side, but put him in Nanjing.At that time, the Kuomintang had just retreated to Taiwan, clamoring every day to counterattack the mainland and fight back to nanjing.Chairman MAO’s arrangement of Xu Shiyou in Nanjing was not without long-term consideration. It was just like this that Xu Shiyou’s arrangement in Nanjing was very appropriate.In the turbulent period, Xu Shiyou played a very important role, in the war without smoke, Xu Shiyou stood up for the party and the people made great contributions.Chairman MAO and Xu Shiyou Xu Shiyou especially like to drink, chairman MAO appealed to Xu Shiyou de-sheng li to drink less, Xu Shiyou hard-drinking; but in the face of chairman’s care, he said 1: “I know, drink less, not to drink, I am still as usual, when to drink, when not drinking, I know?”After thinking for a moment, he said to Li Desheng, “You go back and report to the chairman. I will thank him for his care and I will rest and drink less. Please rest assured that I will be loyal to the Party and not miss the task assigned to me by the Party because of drinking.”There are many little-known stories about the friendship between Chairman MAO and Xu Shiyou, which not only reflects their revolutionary comradeship in weal and woe, but also shows the generosity of a leader and the integrity of a general.Xu Shiyou in his old age recalled and Chairman MAO experienced a thrilling day and night, he said: “Chairman MAO’s safety is not just a person’s safety, but related to the safety of a country, a nation, so at the critical moment, I must listen to Chairman MAO, defend Chairman MAO to the death!”In Xu shiyou’s emotional world, chairman MAO’s position is unparalleled, because chairman MAO changed his life.