Jilin Glory of Beijing Winter Olympics

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Early spring, the 16th month, flying tigers in the sky.Qi Guangpu takes her last dive in the freestyle skiing aerials final at the top of Genting in Zhangjiakou area of Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Gliding, jumping, flying, flipping…Sky jump, air win, lock the seventh gold!Jump to the sky, create another history, to achieve a breakthrough of zero gold MEDALS in snow events of Jilin Winter Olympics!With a leap to the sky, Qi Guangpu has finally completed her transformation from world champion to Olympic champion with more than 20 years’ experience and perseverance in 4 Winter Olympics.It highlights the original aspiration and mission of Jilin people who have been dedicated to snow and ice for decades and fought hard to win glory for the country and the province.It reflects the positive contributions and fruitful achievements of Jilin Province in building a strong province of ice and snow sports, vigorously developing ice and snow sports, and helping the Beijing Winter Olympics and the high-quality development of ice and snow economy.Jump to the sky, Jilin Glory!Since the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, along with the happiness and joy of the Spring Festival, jilin people have been excited and excited about this grand event. Wu Dajing led the first gold medal, Su Yiming “sang” amazing, Qi Guangpu jumped into the sky,Jung, Wang Shiyue, Liu Xinyu, Li Nan, Zhang Yangming, Xu Mingfu, Wu Qingze also achieved the best ranking and results in the history of the Chinese Winter Olympics in their respective events…The fire of Beijing Winter Olympics adds the bright light of Jilin again;China ice and snow sports, once again deepen the strong background of Jilin.– With 27 finalists for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Jilin has achieved the largest number of Olympic athletes in the history.Among them, 17 people in snow project have been shortlisted, ranking first among transportation units of provinces, cities and universities in China.– Jilin Province athletes participated in 11 events in 3 ice events and 8 snow events, creating a new record for participating in the Winter Olympic Games.– Up to now, the athletes of Our province have won 2 gold MEDALS, 1 silver medal, 1 bronze medal, 1 fourth place, 4 fifth place, 1 sixth place, 1 seventh place, 4 MEDALS in total, and the top 8 places in total 11 times, achieving a better result in the History of pyeongchang Winter Olympics.– Jilin is the only province that has won gold MEDALS in both the ice and snow events.Time flies, looking back, Jilin snow and ice’s Olympic journey, all the way bright stars.In 1992, Ye Qiaobo won zero MEDALS in the Albertville Winter Olympics.Chen Lu won the first figure skating medal for China at the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics in Norway.In 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games, Li Jiajun became the first Chinese male athlete to win a medal in Winter Olympic Games.In 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games, Li Yang, Yang Guang, Tian Zhandong and Wang Jianxun represented China for the first time in the Winter Olympic Ski jumping competition.In 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Zhou Yang won the gold medal and set a new Olympic record. Then she successfully defended her title in Sochi Winter Olympics, becoming the only Chinese athlete to retain the gold medal in women’s 1,500 meters.In 2014, Li Jianrou won the gold medal of women’s 500-meter short track speed skating in Sochi Winter Olympics, becoming the third short track speed skating champion after Yang Yang and Wang Meng.In the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Wu dajing won the only gold medal for China and broke the world record in short-track speed skating in the 500 meters.Since 1980, the 13th Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid, USA, our athletes have participated in 12 Winter Olympic Games on behalf of The Chinese team. A total of 140 athletes have entered the finals and won 7 gold MEDALS, 15 silver MEDALS and 10 bronze MEDALS.On the map of China’s ice and snow sports, Jilin has never been a bystander or outsider, but a fresh force and a pioneer.Jilin glory – “Winter Olympics have me” living model winter Olympics need, Jilin has something to do.In 1980, at the opening ceremony of the Lake Placid Winter Olympics, Zhao Weichang, a speed skater from Jilin, led the Chinese delegation holding the National flag.This is the first time for China to participate in the Olympic Games, and also marks jilin ice and snow to the world’s highest level of competition stage.From that moment on, the historical picture of Zhao Weichang holding the national flag into the Hall of the Winter Olympics has been fixed in the hearts of generations of Jilin people in the most sacred position.Since winning the bid for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Jilin province has taken the initiative to cooperate and made every effort to serve and prepare for the Olympic Games, showing its new efforts to help the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, providing comprehensive service guarantee and devoting itself to the Olympic Games.According to the standards of venues for hosting the Winter Olympic Games, Jilin has built and improved 11 ski resorts including Beidahu Ski Resort and 7 skating rink including Jilin Provincial Speed Skating Hall as “training bases for Winter Olympic Events”.In recent years, Jilin has undertaken the task of preparation and training for more than 2,000 people from more than 100 national and provincial sports teams.In combination with the advantages of snow and ice resources and the current situation of talents in Jilin Province, Jilin will carry out the preparation project for the Winter Olympic Games, protect its advantages, make up its shortcomings, and focus on the development of snow sports with great breakthrough potential.– According to the cross-sport and cross-field selection standards of ice and snow sports, select outstanding talents with potential for winter sports from the talent teams of regional sports systems, optimize the selection and delivery of ice and snow athletes, and deliver ice and snow sports talents to the country;– The introduction of high-level domestic and foreign ice and snow sports coaches, event operation and management professionals. In July 2020, Jilin Province issued the Incentive Measures for Excellent Athletes and Their Coaches in Jilin Province, which plays an encouraging role in encouraging the growth of sports talents and attracting sports talents to Develop in Jilin.– Actively co-built the National Snow and Ice Training Team with the General Administration of Sport of China, including the National Ski Jumping team in September 2016, the national freestyle ski slopestyle Slopestyle Pursuit team in August 2017, and the National Snowboarding and downhill Training Team in August 2019.And the National Training team for curling, snowboard Big Jump and slopestyle, freestyle skiing big jump and slopestyle (Jilin Group).As an important origin of Ice and snow sports in China, Jilin is duty-bound to help, serve and participate in the Winter Olympics.Reflecting jilin’s responsibility, demonstrating jilin’s achievements and highlighting jilin’s contribution, Jilin played the strong voice of cooperation of “Winter Olympics in Beijing, experience in Jilin, preparation for war in Jilin and development in Jilin”.Since March 2018, Jilin has signed strategic cooperation agreements with the Beijing Municipal Government, The Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee and the General Administration of Sport of China to carry out in-depth cooperation on events, brands, culture and talent.In September 2021, Jilin signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Promoting the development of Sports undertakings and Sports Industry with the General Administration of Sport of China.On the same day, the first homemade red flag snowmobile successfully developed was delivered to the Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China.In December 2021, Liaoyuan Hosiery donated 3,606 pairs of self-heating ski socks to the Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, all of which were used for the competition training of the center and the national team of ice and snow Sports.In January 2022, the snowboard waxing vehicle developed by Liaoyuan Automobile Modification Company was delivered to the Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China to serve the snow events of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The jiefang J7 traction locomotive supported free of charge by FAW Group was completed and delivered, making jilin’s contribution to the service of domestic ice and snow sports equipment for the Beijing Winter Olympics.December 25 to 28, 2021, Beijing Winter Olympics fire in Changchun, Jilin, Tonghua, Changbai Mountain four grand display, and respectively highlight the “million students on ice and snow” “Rime Ice and Snow Festival” “Tonghua ice and snow Industry demonstration New city launch” “Changbai Mountain powder snow Festival” theme content, The Olympic fire spread jilin land,Ignite the passion and dream of 24 million people in Jilin.Jilin Glory — pioneer of post-Winter Olympics Era “The hosting of Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the achievements of Jilin athletes will have a profound influence on and promote snow and ice sports in Jilin.”Said Zhang Ruilin, director of jilin Provincial Sports Bureau.”As the Winter Olympics drew to a close, the athletes of our province won two gold MEDALS, one silver medal and one bronze medal, making breakthroughs in many events.I believe that with the promotion of the Winter Olympics and the achievements of snow and ice sports in Jilin Province, the high-quality and sustainable development of snow and ice sports in Jilin Province will be realized in the post-Winter Olympics era.”Zhang Ruilin told reporters.”Mass snow and ice sports in Jilin Province will be further popularized in the future” — China’s ambitious goal of “attracting 300 million people to participate in snow and ice sports” has become a reality, and the popularity of snow and ice sports brought by the Beijing Winter Olympics is still rising.As a big province of ice and snow, Jilin focuses on the “participation of the whole people”, enhances the enthusiasm of ice and snow sports, and promotes the extensive development of national fitness.With the help of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Jilin has taken a series of measures to encourage more young people to participate in ice and snow sports and to encourage more people to go to the skating rink and snow rink.Jilin has held the activity of “All people on ice and Snow” for many years, organizing more than 300 ice and snow activities and competitions every year and participating in more than 9 million people. In 2020, the activity of “One Million Students Jumping together on ice and snow Aerobics” set a world record.”Snow and ice industry in Jilin Province will also enter a period of rapid development” — the success of all previous Olympic Games will give a strong boost to the development of relevant industries in the host country, which is also an important embodiment of the “post-Olympic effect”.Jilin is rich in ice and snow resources. Driven by the Winter Olympic Games, Jilin will focus on strengthening the basic support, improving the industrial system, enriching the business models, and creating competitive brands. Based on the characteristics, jilin will develop in diversified ways.Jilin is located in the world’s golden ice and snow latitude belt, with prominent advantages of “powder snow” and “calm wind”. The future of ice and snow industry is promising.Jilin has 54 ski resorts and more than 500 ice rinks, including 279 ski slopes, covering an area of more than 1,000 hectares.Vanke Songhua Lake, Jilin Beidahu and Wanda Changbai Mountain are among the top three ski resorts in terms of the number of visitors.In addition, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will also accelerate the development of snow and ice equipment industry in Jilin Province, which is expected to form a complete industrial chain and supply chain in the future, making snow and ice equipment an important support for the high-quality development of Jilin manufacturing industry.”Jilin Province ice and snow Sports will step to a new level” — Jilin athletes have achieved good results in both ice and snow events in Beijing Winter Olympics, and many breakthroughs have been made in snow events.The development ideas and strategies, such as “shorten the battle line and highlight the key points”, “raise the best troops and select the best generals”, “develop key projects and strive to form small breakthroughs and local advantages”, have all yielded results.The ratio of ice and snow events in the Winter Olympics is about 3 to 7, and snow events are the “main event” of the Winter Olympics.Taking advantage of the opportunity of co-building the national snowsport team with the General Administration of Sport of China to prepare for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Jilin province has increased its investment in snowsport, made every effort to improve the competitive level of snowsport in Jilin Province, and drove and promoted the rapid development of snowsport in the province.By taking advantage of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Jilin has reserved more talents for the national ice and snow sports, and has more experience in hosting all kinds of international top ice and snow events. It can realize the construction of competitive talents driven by events and promote the sustainable development of ice and snow sports talents in the post-Winter Olympics era.In addition, the Olympic Games, the most can stimulate the state of sports, coruscate fighting will.Jilin’s outstanding athletes will play an exemplary role in driving the competition with their responsibility, responsibility and domineering spirit of not fearing challenges.”Champion effect” will inspire jilin athletes to continue to work hard.Reporter from Jilin Daily: Liu Bo, Zhao Guangxin, Zhang Zheng