North District Branch of Qidu Public Security Bureau: Strengthen epidemic prevention and control drill to improve emergency response capacity

2022-06-28 0 By

On the afternoon of January 27, 2022, a “COVID-19 Cluster Emergency Response Drill” jointly held by police, local doctors and other parties was carried out in Kangping Community, north District Branch of Qidu Public Security Bureau, Shandong Province.More than 100 people participated in the exercise, including kangping Police Station of North District Branch, Party Working Committee and office of Xindian Street of Linzi District, Kangping Community neighborhood Committee, Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Linzi District, community volunteers and community residents.Is located in the north branch of dunes police station dunes community within the jurisdiction of the new champions league vaccination, sponsored by the linzi district hospital, starting from April 1, 2021 in batches to be vaccinated against new crown, north branch in strict accordance with the “triple” working mechanism, adhere to the “on the previous step, the initiative as a” policing concept, research, special deployment, requires police political stance, and improve theWe will do our best to maintain the public order of COVID-19 vaccination sites.Whenever a new crown vaccine vaccination work, north branch of dunes police station have sent out two or three policemen, 1 to 2 police car arrived ahead of schedule, according to the vaccination site security plan, maintain security in vaccination point of order, strengthen the vaccination point patrols, ready to respond to emergencies, the preparatory work for the unsafe factors in the bud,Ensure that vaccination is carried out safely and smoothly at vaccination sites.By January 27, 2022, 121,174 doses of COVID-19 vaccine had been safely and smoothly administered at the Kangping community vaccination site.Three scenarios of containment of communities and units, transport of close contacts of COVID-19, and nucleic acid testing for all members of communities were simulated respectively during the one-hour drill, which was conducted in an orderly manner according to the epidemic prevention and control plan.The expected goal of further enhancing the capacity of multi-party emergency response to COVID-19 clusters has been achieved.(Correspondent: Yuan Yutian)