Taikang Zhu Kou: “Rural Revitalization Competition” held on New Year’s Eve

2022-06-28 0 By

Early in the morning, Xing Xiaodong hurried to zhukou Town government to participate in the town branch secretary “rural revitalization contest”.The conference room was filled with village party secretaries.There was a silence, and everyone was thinking nervously over what they had to say.The tournament began at 8:30 a.m. on January 31.”In 2022, I want to expand the size of our village’s chicken abietylum and morchella cultivation to 300 mu, so that the villagers’ per capita income break through 10,000 yuan……”Xing Xiaodong, secretary of douzhuang Administrative village branch of Zhukou Town, was the first to give a speech.Xing took office as douzhuang administrative village branch secretary in 2018. Over the past few years, he has led the villagers on the road to prosperity by developing industries such as abietaceae, morchella, greenhouse vegetables and grape picking.The economic development of Douzhuang village is obvious to all.Xing xiaodong’s speech won bursts of applause.According to the report, the village party secretary is responsible for the reform, development and stability of the whole village.Counting for the town of “move” rise, “strong”, at the beginning of 2021, zhu county party committee government from “grass-roots party building, the industrial development, for the people”, the spiritual civilization construction and environment improvement “12 aspects, such as, with 52 administrative villages in the whole town signed a” country revitalization of the quantitative evaluation on comprehensive appraisal responsibility work “.On the morning of January 31, the party Committee and the government of Zhukou Town decided to hold a “rural revitalization contest” for all village branch secretaries in the conference room of the town government.According to his introduction, in recent years, zhouzhai Village has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to change the whole village’s living environment and spiritual and cultural life of the villagers.”Before, the ans village young people married hospitality, less than 40 or 50 tables, more than a hundred tables, light hospitality has to spend more than 100 thousand yuan. And now, the village people get married to do a wedding, hospitality all not more than 10 tables, less than 20 thousand yuan. Compared to the past, the cost saved more than 5 times.”In 2022, our village plans to develop another 500 mu chrysanthemum industry, a 300 mu vegetable greenhouse, through planting, sales and processing in one, so that villagers can get jobs at home and get wages like workers every month.””Wow, wow, wow……” Zhou Yongqiang’s voice just fell, the scene has already sounded a thunderous applause and cheers. Pioneer administrative village, Guo Zhuang administrative village, Han Lou administrative village…… each administrative village branch secretary in turn play, bask in the performance, words in the future, we are hard all over the solution.And according to the villages party branch secretary of the speech situation in advance, the field of view, the tournament final selected weeks village administrative villages, pioneer administrative villages and stone administrative villages, 10 administrative villages for the former from 123. The award-winning counting, secretary of the prix red flowers, accept the rostrum, all with a smile on his face. “in 2022, everyone go dry!At this time next year, we will also hold the tournament here. “After the tournament, Shi Bangxian, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhukou Town, walked onto the rostage and sent New Year’s greetings to thank everyone for their hard work and efforts in the past year, and agreed with everyone next year’s tournament schedule and roadmap