The pandemic has taught us how important it is to save

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Rousseau said, “Money in men’s hands is an instrument to preserve freedom.”The epidemic shut down the city, but there was no parking, no housing, no food.I saw a video, a middle-aged man in his 40s was interceding with the epidemic prevention personnel, hoping to go out to work, but was not allowed to do so.Finally, he broke down and cried, saying if he didn’t go out to work, his family wouldn’t have enough to eat.You can’t get along without your savings.Finally, the epidemic prevention workers helped him contact the community, which sent some vegetables and fruits to his family.The community did what it could, but it was all that could help him.At the beginning of the epidemic, there was a vote on Weibo, would you choose retaliatory consumption after the epidemic?The final results showed that fewer than 20 percent chose yes.The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has exposed a terrible truth: not only do most young people have little savings, but even some middle-aged people have bad bank card numbers.Save money so that you can withstand unexpected risks, rather than retaliatory spending, save money seriously.With the growth of age, more and more feel that there is a certain economic foundation, is the guarantee of life.Saving for a rainy day is out of fashion in any age.Every penny saved now is a blessing for the rest of your life and a solid foundation for your family.We yearn for freedom, poetry and distance, but these are also based on a certain economic basis.Some people say that life is to carpe diem, otherwise their hard work, for what?But the desire is always inexhaustible, money to use square hate less, a penny is not a hero.Sometimes the confidence of the middle-aged is the money in your pocket.No one is forever young, the ability to make money is important, so is saving money.The reason why our parents have the habit of saving money is because they have been poor and experienced the experience of being desperate for money.The younger generation, many of whom have not suffered, do not realize the importance of saving money.In fact, saving money is not to prove to anyone how successful you are, nor to say how much you like money, but to prepare an exit for yourself, to add confidence.In the face of life, sickness and death, you face a sudden crisis, can be the first time to counter the rough fate.In The article dou wentao talked about his own experiences: when he was young, money was like trash and he did not have the habit of saving money, but an accident sent his mother to the INTENSIVE care unit.So the family was soon emptied by the hospital, so he did not let go of any opportunity to make money, wedding host, advertising guest.He thought: “the more deposit, the mother more days of life.”The pressure of life can make people feel anxious.Saving money is a powerful tool to alleviate this anxiety.Money is not the whole of life, but because of lack of money to make their life a mess, because lack of money to let their loved ones away from their own, isn’t it sad?Having a plan to save for a rainy day, while earning, rather than spending the rest of your life on extravagant spending, gives you the ability to be happy all the time.If we earn more, we save more; if we earn less, we do what we can.As long as you take your hard-earned rewards seriously, you won’t regret them one day.People’s life will encounter a lot of sudden wind and rain, we should learn to hold up a strong umbrella for themselves before the arrival of wind and rain.Life is like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs.Life is uncertain, good savings, more than anything else.If you have money, you will have the courage to say no to unfair treatment at work. If you have money, you will have the courage to leave a failed marriage at any time.One day you will understand that in this age of easy consumption, those who can restrain their desires will be the winners in life.No matter how much you earn or how little you earn, not trying to keep up with the joneses and saving money according to your ability is the ultimate self-discipline of an adult.A nest egg won’t set you free, but it will at least give you a cushion when the unexpected strikes.Life, will make money, will spend money, but also to save money.Adult fallback options, to put it bluntly, are the balance on your credit card.Middle age, career and family crisis, know how to leave a little sense of security, is the skill.-END- The world is so big, thank you, can see me!