Us media reporter dug a hole, Gu Ailing’s angry back at the reporter speechless, fans called the people happy!

2022-06-28 0 By

GuAiLing on February 18, in the middle of the winter Olympics, won a gold medal for China, but again so far 18 GuAiLing won a total of two gold, 1 silver, let us media is very jealous, GuAiLing after to get the gold medal, the American media is beginning comment in succession, the media a lot of GuAiLing on behalf of the Chinese du in winning the championship race.After the match, American reporters dug a lot of holes when they asked Gu Ailing questions. One American reporter asked:You have lived in the United States, studied in the United States and trained in the United States since childhood. It is the United States that has turned you into a world-class skier. Now, some American hosts say that you are ungrateful.She lives in the US, but she spends money in the US. She trains in the US, but her mother pays for her education.If it’s free, will you teach me for free?After Gu Ailing answered, the reporter who asked the question was speechless.Before, a good reporter deliberately dug a hole for Gu, asking her why she wanted to represent China in the Winter Olympics. At that time, Gu also answered the reporter’s question in 10 words: a girl who grew up in a Beijing hutong.GuAiLing mother is Chinese, her grandmother also Chinese, GuAiLing can speak fluent mandarin, she also love Chinese culture very much, because GuAiLing often back to China, a third of the time stay in China, GuAiLing citizenship in China in 2019, the nationality of sports change in December 2019 has been submitted to the IOC executive committee, and approved,The Chinese Olympic Committee also submitted its credentials in accordance with legal procedures.GuAiLing is under great pressure, abandoned us some aspects of superior conditions, choose to go back to China, and then on behalf of the Chinese in the Beijing Olympics, won two gold, 1 silver so far, this is also the most reluctant to see many western media, GuAiLing study in the United States, living in the United States, the training is in the United States, but after return to China on behalf of the Chinese,Also mercilessly hit the face of some people in Europe and the United States face.Although Gu Lives and trains in the United States, her final success is achieved in China, which also tells many netizens that they still love China and truly love this country even though they live and study abroad.At the same time, Gu’s success in China also serves as a good representation for some Chinese living abroad as a reference.What do you think about that?Leave a comment in the comments section.