Xinzhou Teachers College leaders on New Year’s Eve to visit frontline cadres and workers

2022-06-28 0 By

Auspicious ox old year, fu Hu spring.On January 31, the lunar New Year’s eve morning, with a thick blessing and the New Year’s greetings and wen-yu zhang, vice President of the standing committee of the communist party, on behalf of the college party committee, the administrative, deep into the campus visit condolences to fight in the epidemic prevention and control during the festival, logistics, security and other work the cadres and workers of a line, express our heartfelt thanks to them, send New Year wishes,They will also inspect key places for epidemic prevention and control, campus security and logistics support during the Spring Festival.Logistics management department, armed security department and other departments responsible for comrades to visit, inspection.As the Spring Festival approaches, the campus is decorated with lights and decorations, and filled with a festive and auspicious atmosphere.Everywhere, wen-yu zhang, vice President of the all and the on-the-job personnel shook hands, talk, ask about holiday arrangement on duty and work to carry out the situation, our warmest greetings to you and the New Year’s blessing, thank you for your house home despite all, hard work, stick to work during the Spring Festival, and urges the responsible comrades arranged to hold life assurance,The concern and care of the college and partial cadres, teachers and students passing good wishes and thank you, at the same time encourage everyone to take good care of yourself, continue to play a good style, in the implementation of the normalized on the basis of the epidemic prevention and control requirements, go all out to do the security work during the holidays, make contributions to build peace and harmonious campus, to ensure that the floor had a happy, peaceful, happy New Year.Examination, wen-yu zhang, vice President of the seriously listened to the related department to the false during epidemic prevention and control, safety management, operation maintenance report, on the campus is designed.the, infirmary, a message, fire control facilities and other key places to visit, and the in and out of the school personnel, vehicles, to strengthen the control measures, the recent main working condition of each schoolSecurity guard team to strengthen health protection and other key inspection.Epidemic prevention and control in details about the holidays each campus, security, logistics service all aspects of operation, after his holiday to each section carefully work deployment and guarantee give full affirmation, role and responsibility, also asked for relevant departments to strengthen management, to carry out the responsibility, earnestly do thoughts in place, organizations, joint efforts to do a good job of disease prevention and control during the Spring Festival and so on,Build a solid campus security “firewall” for the whole hospital to celebrate the Spring Festival escort.Institute leader cordial sympathy and sincere solicitude to on-the-job staff feel warm, inspired, everyone said, will stick to good jobs, work full of vigour, unity, service attentively, for campus orderly functioning to provide a solid guarantee, and wish the college career in key nonyl tiger year new achievements, and realize the new development.