47. People who like to argue often lose in the end.

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Confucius said: The superior man, having no quarrel, must also shoot.6, let and rise, and drink, the fight is also a gentleman.Confucius said, “The superior man does not argue with others. If he must, it must be compared with archery.”Play mutual obeisance, let each other first stage;After the end of the toast to each other, such competition to have a gentleman demeanor.The “gentleman” and “villain” mentioned by Confucius cannot simply be defined as good and bad. The “gentleman” here refers to the norms and standards of doing things. If you do this according to the “gentleman’s standards”, then you are a “gentleman” in this matter.Archery is one of the six ancient arts, including ceremony, music, archery, driving, reading, and mathematics.Traditional Chinese culture advocates action without contention. If you must compete for supremacy, you should be courteous and prompt.At the beginning, people should bow with their fists closed. Those who win should say “concession”, and those who lose should say “learn”. The purpose of the fight is “friendship first, competition second”, and it is not to secretly “stumbling” or to kill the opponent.Besides, to argue or not to argue is only relative. Lao Tzu said, “Husband is the only one who does not argue, so heaven can not argue with him.” Therefore, we should argue as if there were no arguments, because people who have taken a clear position to argue at the beginning are often unable to argue.There is great wisdom in life. The best way to treat life is to let nature take its course.