One hundred thousand budget to choose the new AX7 Mach version to buy face also buy the lining

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Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character.To the reunion season of the New Year, the people who have the intention of buying a car always will tangle extremely.Considering that when visiting friends and relatives, there are a large number of people, both old and young, so the car must have good appearance, good space, good configuration and good power, otherwise it is easy to be laughed at by the “bear children”.Dongfeng Fengshen new AX7 Mach version is like a comprehensive “weapon” when the owners of the car needs to consider very thoughtful, efforts to do: what you want, I have what!The appearance of the new AX7 Mach version of the appearance of the visual impact is very strong, see it at first glance, it will make people think of a new xing xing young, sharp style and do not lose beauty, see unforgettable.The overall design of the vehicle adopts the design elements of storm aesthetics. The oversized hexagonal meshes are decorated with lightning shaped chrome decoration, and the new “AEOLUS” LOGO of Dongfeng Fengshen is on the top. Although the size is small, the red PLUS LOGO on the right side creates a distinctive sports style with the strength of four to two.The new AX7 Mach version has a body size of 4660/1880/1690mm and a wheelbase of 2715mm.The side shape of the body is smooth, without too much complex line decoration, the column part adopts suspension design, the whole is simple and lively.The rear of the vehicle adopts a penetrating taillight. Different from the design of the front, the rear is like the calm after the storm, and the horizontal V-shaped on both sides is like a gesture of victory after the storm.The interior design of the new AX7 Mach version is quite a highlight.The overall streamlined shape of the central console with d-shaped racing style steering wheel, you will feel the power of the car visually.The center console is covered with the design of “bright astrolabe”, which not only plays a decorative role, but also has the function of atmosphere lamp.The kids will scream at this design.1.17㎡ screen level intelligent panoramic skylight improves the brightness of the car.If you want to create atmosphere, lying in the car to “look at the stars, look at the moon, from poetry to philosophy of life”, you need this big skylight.Equipped with Danish Jamo, the audio-visual experience is upgraded again.Good acoustics must cooperate good mute effect of course.The new AX7 Mach version of NVH mute effect is superior, the body of a total of more than 50 mute processing scheme, the listening experience in the car is commendable.The storage compartment under the central console has the function of wireless charging, but also equipped with two USB interfaces and a 12V power interface, to meet the charging needs of different vehicle electrical appliances or different phones.The new AX7 Mach version is designed to create not only the visual beauty and movement of the interior, but also the technical configuration and safety configuration.The color driving computer integrates the comprehensive iteration of vehicle-mounted 5G technology and WindLink6.0 artificial intelligence vehicle-mounted system, supporting OTA upgrade.The 360° HD panoramic image sweeps away all blind spots, and even in complicated rural roads, obstacles such as rough roads or large rocks and snow drifts can be clearly seen.The whole car adopts ultra-high strength body, and is equipped with intelligent safety auxiliary system (BSD blind area monitoring system, RCTA reverse side warning system, CVW fast approaching warning system, DOW door opening warning system);Improve the safety of daily vehicles.The new AX7 Mach version provides the owner with a 10-year unlimited mileage warranty policy, which shows its confidence in its quality strength.The all-new AX7 Mach version has been dubbed the “Road rocket”.This shows that in terms of power, its strength is not bad.In fact, the name of the car, The “Mach Version,” is not related to Schumacher.Mach is actually a physical unit that corresponds to traveling at the speed of sound.So when a car comes out with the Mach, it’s obvious that power is definitely its strength.The golden power combination of Mach power 1.5T engine and 7 speed wet dual clutch transmission, the maximum power of the vehicle reaches 140kW and the peak torque reaches 300N·m, releasing the passion of speed and perfectly interpreting the title of “road rocket”.When visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, there is no need to worry about the lack of power when the car is full of passengers and the trunk is full of gifts.At the same time, solid chassis performance, for small vibration will have sufficient filtration, small stones and slight bumps on the road will almost not be transmitted to the car.For the rider, this is true comfort.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)