Suqian Mobile escort jingdong Spring Festival Gala with quality network

2022-06-29 0 By

The 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, named by Jingdong Suqian, covers a wide area and has high requirements.Suqian Mobile set up a special network support group, and worked with provincial companies to formulate a comprehensive emergency support plan in advance, effectively ensuring the normal operation of jingdong’s network during the Spring Festival and effectively improving customer perception.The special support team of Suqian Mobile Network conducted comprehensive investigation and in-depth inspection of JINGdong’s network, lines, equipment and platform for many times in advance to timely solve the security loopholes and hidden dangers of equipment and network.Considering the peak electricity consumption during the Spring Festival, 500KW power generation vehicles are specially called to ensure the safety of electricity consumption in Jingdong.During the guarantee period, staff will be on duty for 7*24 hours to ensure no delay in fault scheduling, relay optimization and data processing.During the Spring Festival Gala, Suqian Mobile won the high recognition of JINGdong administration, JINGdong IT and other departments with zero alarms and zero complaints.(Guard Zhang Yingying)