Yan Wengang: I believe in my own strength

2022-06-29 0 By

Yanqing, Beijing, February 11, Xinhua News Agency (reporters Ma Bangjie, Zhang Xiao)China’s Yan Wengang won the bronze medal in the men’s skeleton bobsled at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday with a near-perfect final.He said after the race, hard training training strength, let him believe he can climb the podium.”I feel strong.On the last run, I adjusted myself.The coach also talked to me about some of the things I need to pay attention to in the corners.I felt more stable.”Yan Wengang said after the game.The Tianjin athlete said the guarantee of his country and team was a prerequisite for his historic breakthrough in China’s steel bobsled event.”Thanks to the country and the team, we invested so much to solve a series of problems and create very superior training conditions and training environment for us, thank you very much,” he said.The men’s skeleton bobsled race at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games took place on four wheels.Yan was fourth after the first three rounds, 0.05 seconds behind Sochi Olympic champion Alexander Tretyakov of the Russian Olympic Committee.He made a near-perfect run in the final skate and overtook Tretyakov to take bronze.(after)