Geely secretly tells you how to get rid of car odor

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1. New leather, PVC leather, plastic, rubber and accessories in the production process of parts itself will volatilize a small amount of substances containing smell, the general new car will gradually reduce after a period of time, until the elimination of chu;2. After dampness in the car, all kinds of sound insulation pads, air conditioning filters, etc., are prone to mildew and mildew smell;3. When the air conditioner is in the outer circulation, the outside odor air will be brought into the car;4. The sound insulation pad, foot pad, suitcase pad and seat pad installed in car decoration will also volatilize the smell.Focus on finding the source of the odor, and all that’s left is how to get rid of it.But before introducing the method in addition to flavor, first of all, we should say about the misunderstanding of flavor.In addition to the new car smell, it is important to discharge the “smell”, rather than using other taste than its strong taste will be covered up.So, what should be used to eliminate chu smell?The sun’s rays increase the flow of odor-containing molecules, and opening the window allows them to exit the car — an inexpensive way to do so.But the car exposure to the car has certain damage, but the window ventilation method is completely no problem.Bamboo charcoal bag bamboo charcoal bag ventilation is good, has a good adsorption of formaldehyde and harmful gases in the car, but also the release of natural minerals, thoroughly purify the air in the car.It can be said that it is now a very popular way to remove the smell of the car, easily can have a healthy car.Fruit peel can be orange peel, grapefruit peel, orange peel, pineapple peel, etc., in the corner of the car, can remove odor can also make the car full of fruit.However, it is important to remember that the fruit can only be stored for a short time, not for a long time, otherwise the skin may become moldy or attract mosquitoes.People who like to drink tea should know some tea flavor method, not only can eliminate the smell of Chu car, but also create a tea fragrance, let a person relaxed and happy.With tea poles as raw materials, drying treatment, and then find a ventilated plastic bag, placed in the car, you can keep the air inside the car pleasant, remove odor.”Vinegar” is a good method, when not using the car, hit a small bucket of water, add some vinegar, put it in the car, use it a few times, and the smell will gradually disappear.The reason for this is that water can absorb formaldehyde, and vinegar can stabilize formaldehyde.Tips: In winter, the smell may also be a little smaller, but it is not recommended to open the air conditioner has been open the internal circulation, you can properly open the external circulation to make the air circulation in the car.