Hainan Airport: Spring Festival true feelings have “degree”

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Units during the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger, hainan airport a total of 40000 people stick to one line, one New Year’s eve a total of more than 12000 people their lives, in order to let more passenger enjoy the joy of the festival reunion, peace of mind on a trip home, they give up the opportunity with their family, home, for everybody and portal prison guard the airport,To ensure that “control the gate, people and prevent, in and out with the same management”, they silently provide “temperature” of the true service, with waiting, with company, with pay, with the unique “different” temperature of hainan airport people, for the vast number of passengers to spend a happy and peaceful Year of the Tiger Spring Festival to send warmth.- 30 ℃ in the sino-russian border manzhouli airport, low winter temperatures often to minus 30 ℃, but still have so a group of people, they risked snow cold every day, day after day in the airport regulation, inspection navigation lighting facilities, guarded “the pilot’s eye”, ensure the safety of aircraft at night or low visibility conditions.For travelers, New Year’s Eve is a reunion, but for them, it’s a normal working day.They often say, “When you step into this business, there is no concept of holidays. Now that you have chosen it, you should do it well.The more holidays we have, the less we can relax.In the cold wind, footprints are their silent adherence. They stick to the family reunion of thousands of passengers. They defend the bottom line of safety with responsibility.Manzhouli airport staff in the ice and snow job 10 ℃, the year of the tiger Spring Festival influenced by the strong cold air, the air temperature declined suddenly haikou, meilan airport the tarmac on the night of minimum temperature is close to 10 ℃, wet weather blessings “cognitive temperature lower” let the human body, but did not hold up the steps of meilan airport airfield management QuNiao testers.Every day they need to check all qudiao facilities and equipment, to ensure that the gas gun, directional sound wave dispersing device, voice and ultrasonic qudiao device and other equipment normal operation, block bird nets, scarecrow, Qudiao wind wheel, flash qudiao device and other qudiao facilities intact.Although hard, but every qudiao member is full of pride.This is an ordinary post, but it can ensure the safety of every flight.Passengers landing safely home reunion, is the biggest duty and aspiration of diao member, also let such a service in the safe takeoff and landing appears so “temperature”.Spring Festival is a happy family day, whether it is home in a hurry, or the whole family travel passengers, for them, the airport is on the way to the transit station, is also a haven.The temperature of each airport terminal under Hainan Airport is no less than 16℃. The domestic airport keeps constant temperature through natural heating, while the off-island airport turns on floor heating equipment, and all staff of the operation support system are arranged to stand by and monitor the large heating equipment in real time to ensure the continuous and smooth operation.This constant temperature, like the adherence of all hainan airport people, not only makes passengers feel warm when they travel in the severe winter, but also makes them feel the true feelings. Such service seems so “warm” in waiting.It is the standard for epidemic prevention and control to keep the room temperature above 16℃ in the airport terminal building 37.3℃, which is also the requirement of Hainan Airport to ensure the safety of passengers during the Spring Festival travel rush. The airports, hotels, shopping malls and other units of Hainan Airport have strictly implemented the policy of “controlling checkpoints and people at the same time, and controlling entry and exit at the same time”, set up multiple detection points and sent more staff on duty.In particular, Meilan Airport has explored the formation of an epidemic prevention mechanism of “six and one” international cargo flights. It has developed six epidemic prevention subsystems, including a face recognition eye-embedding system and a video analysis tracking platform, to firmly guard the bottom line of epidemic prevention.This is the work of the frontline cadres and staff of Hainan Airport to guarantee the Spring Festival transportation during the epidemic. It is also their warm service to protect more people’s peace of mind at the expense of the Reunion time of the Spring Festival. Such service is so warm in the prevention and control process.The 40℃ power distribution room is the heart of the operation of each residential property project, and the operating environment should be controlled below 40℃.The Spring Festival is coming, electricity load is rising.In order to ensure the healthy operation of equipment during the Spring Festival, smooth power consumption and peace of mind during the Spring Festival, hainan Property Management project teams and groups have formulated detailed inspection plans for project power distribution lines and equipment in combination with weather and load conditions. During holidays, personnel are on duty 24 hours a day, and temperature and load are measured regularly for the power distribution equipment under their control.At the moment of family reunion, hainan property management engineering staff in the invisible place, silently stick to their posts, protect the party and peace, such service in the lights of thousands of families appear so “temperature”.45℃45℃ is the temperature of a cup of warm boiled water, rich ginger tea can disperse the cold for passengers, sweet sugar water can supplement energy for travelers, and a cup of hot drink can warm the hearts of travelers who are travel-worn. This is the supply that can be found everywhere in TERMINALS T1 and T2 of Meilan Airport and Yitang Flight Hotel of Meilan Airport.It is also a little warmth in the service guarantee of Hainan Airport during the Spring Festival travel rush, making passengers feel another warm “home” during the short journey.Such a service in care appears so “temperature”.Cleaning and disinfection of terminal equipment of indoor centralized air conditioning and ventilation system in The Terminal building of Meilan Airport is a top priority in epidemic prevention work.More in order to ensure the safety of the passengers, meilan airport maintenance man must wear protective clothing, wear masks, protective glasses, a device of a device to kill each one, a net a net clean, even if the protective glass lens is all about, even if exceed 5 hours, continuous operation even under nearly 50 ℃ hot, they have to pay,Only to give passengers safe travel escort, their service in full armed appears so “temperature”.On the occasion of family reunion during the Spring Festival, there are such a group of people who always stick to their posts in order to enjoy the reunion time of more families and enjoy a warm dinner on New Year’s Eve.When most parts of the country are freezing, the chef team of Hainan Yingguesthouse is working in full swing in the kitchen. Every stir-fry, the temperature can reach 70 degrees Celsius, but oil, salt, vinegar, sauce and all kinds of rich ingredients, through their magic hands, become the delicacies of the reunion dinner.The dishes with temperature represent their New Year wishes to thousands of families. Such services appear so “temperature” in the laughter of the reunion dinner.100℃100℃ is a standard atmospheric pressure water boiling point, but also as all hainan airport people in the service of passengers from inside and outside filled with 100% enthusiasm.In the front line of the service, there is a beautiful color that makes people feel warm. They are the maintenance personnel of sanya Airport security checkpoint waiting area, affectionately known as “little bees”.During the Spring Festival, they used a new vest color to make it more eye-catching and convenient for travelers to quickly find and get help.And printed on yellow waistcoat “have difficulty, let me help” are they 100% enthusiasm, they stick to jobs during the Spring Festival, patrol, precise positioning late passengers in need of help, such as special passengers, then boot priority inspection, every smile, every greeting, every time, every nod, are full of enthusiasm, infiniteCondense with the most true blessing, for the majority of passengers to create a comfortable and clean inspection environment.This kind of service seems so “warm” in the help.400℃ As we all know, after the fire 10 to 15 minutes fire temperature reached nearly 400℃, has a great damage damage.In order to prevent during the Spring Festival in the fire electricity increased frequency of fire risk, ensure peace reunion festival, in hainan first business circle of small square small fire station, fire station – the sun has a group of 24 hours standby unattended “blue friend”, they “without the Spring Festival, hold the whistle, check the configuration of professional fire rescue equipment, emergency medical supplies,Shuttle in each store building channel, each check the fire control facilities, the fire hazard, it is in the “burning”, public security guard business circle, let citizens tourists reunion better, meet more secure, they use the chicheng educational shines the sun plaza, they are the guardians of the mall, is the most beautiful “blue flame”, their service appears in the guardian that “temperature”.During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, 40,000 people were on duty at Hainan Airport to provide warm and sincere service. They gave up their homes to serve everyone, put customers first and strive for perfection.In 2022, the year of the tiger lunar New Year, they to every peace of ups and downs, each a warm travel, countless people in hainan airport on ordinary post and after-sales service and out room filled with bright smile passenger underhill, they stick to, is the Spring Festival is the most beautiful figure, their services, is the Spring Festival is the most warm “temperature”!