Rv breakout: CONSUMPTION mirror image under C6 driver’s license

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With the issuance of the first C6 driver’s license, the light tractor-trailer represented by trailers has quickly become the focus of attention.Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that around the C6 driver’s license consumption areas gradually hot, some driving schools have opened new training courses, looking for new growth points.At the same time, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the demand for self-driving travel, the on-line C6 driving license also makes the sales of trailers go higher.However, the C6 license is only issued to allow drivers to drive trailers, there are still some issues in the purchase and use need to be noted.Prior to this, the Ministry of Public Security newly revised “Motor Vehicle driving License application and Use regulations” (hereinafter referred to as the “New Deal”), the new quasi-driving type of “light tractor-trailer” and code named “C6” driving license.This means that after applying for a C6 license and training, drivers will be able to drive small car trains.According to regulations, except for those eligible for exemption from the test, drivers who have held C1 or C2 driver’s license for more than one year and have not scored 12 points within a recent scoring period can obtain a C6 driving license after passing driving training and examination.Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that recently, with the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau public Security traffic management bureau vehicle management issued the first C6 driver’s license, some driving schools added C6 driver’s license training courses gradually heating up.Currently, the Oriental fashion driving school in Beijing has launched C6 driver’s license related courses.According to the introduction, the current course in the front car using pickup models, after the car for the trailer trailer.”From March this year, driving schools started pre-enrollment.”An Oriental fashion driving school staff said that the course has just begun, although the number of applicants is not many, but during the Qingming holiday has many consumers to consult, many of them for young people.In C6 driver’s license training course costs, the above staff introduced, to the East fashion driving school as an example, currently provide students with three class options: Monday to Friday continuous training course price of 6800 yuan, Monday to Sunday continuous training course price of 8000 yuan, single bike training course price of 9800 yuan.”The C6 driver’s license training lasts for five half days and 20 class hours, and then you can apply for the test.”Students applying for a C6 driver’s license do not need to take subject 1, but only subject 2 and subject 3, the official said.Among them, subject 2 learning and examination items include pile test, curve driving, right Angle turn three items, while subject 3 is mainly theoretical learning.It is worth noting that the C6 driver’s license training and examination is only for drivers with C1 or C2 driver’s license. Drivers who hold A2 quasi-driving license and meet the requirements can apply for C6 driver’s license directly without taking the test.But industry insiders suggest that even if drivers apply for endorsement without taking an exam, they should also receive systematic training to ensure safe driving.A driving school coach said that the trailer vehicle has a lot of driving habits and daily driving of the ordinary passenger car, which is different from the front car and the rear car between the tow hook connection, reversing with ordinary driving habits contrary, there is a certain difficulty in the operation, so before driving also need to be familiar with the vehicle related operation.C6 driver’s license training online, the recent trailer sales continue to be bullish.At present, the domestic saloon car for sale is mainly divided into self-propelled and drag type.Among them, the trailer trailer itself has no power, it needs to be connected to the front car for towing driving, this type of trailer belongs to the C6 driving license range.Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that, because the relevant provisions did not make clear which kind of driving license can drive trailer trailer, so trailer trailer sales in the domestic situation is not ideal, consumers pay more attention to self-travel as a whole trailer.A saloon car salesman said that with the ISSUANCE of C6 driver’s license, trailer trailer also gradually opened sales.At present, driving school first step to become the main trailer purchase.Beijing Business Daily reporter in a saloon car official website to see that there is not only a trailer trailer in the official website model introduction, as well as the training model introduction provided for driving schools.China automobile circulation Association expert committee member Yan Jinghui said, driving schools around the opening of relevant courses at the same time, also produce part of the teaching car procurement demand, which also let the trailer trailer market ushered in a small climax.The rv sales staff also said that the recent part of the order from the driving school to buy training vehicles, belonging to the bulk purchase customers.In addition to driving school procurement, young consumers have also become the main consumer group of trailers.”Compared to the self-propelled integrated rv, trailer trailer is more flexible and lightweight, but also to meet the basic needs of consumers for rv space, and the price is cheaper, a trailer trailer in the price of tens of thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan.”A saloon car dealer revealed that during the Qingming Holiday, many consumers went to the store to see the car, mostly for young people.At present, the best seller in the store is a German LMC brand saloon car priced at 193,600 yuan, which can seat four people.China Automobile Distribution Association said that the issuance of C6 driver’s license makes the relevant policies of road towing and hanging sojourn vehicles more clear and standardized.Towed sodger has the advantages of affordable, spacious space and strong practicability, which will promote the domestic towed sodger market increment in the future.The total weight is less than 4.5 tons of car license can not be less for the DRIVER to get the C6 driver’s license, after the purchase of trailer trailer, also need to pay attention to the relevant requirements of the front and rear car.Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that if the driver of the passenger car is not installed towing hook or power supply connection, the need for the corresponding modification to meet the requirements of the trailer.The person in charge of the rv dealer said that the store will install the tow hook for the owner of the car, but also remove the rear lights of the vehicle to install the relevant wiring harness, convenient car and trailer trailer power connection, ensure that the trailer trailer brake lights can be used normally.At the same time, the head of the rv dealer suggested that although there is no specific provision of which models can not be trailer, but consumers should also choose 2.0T more powerful models as trailers.It should be noted that the total mass requirement for light tractor-trailers is 4.5 tons.In this regard, Beijing traffic police also prompt owners: “the owner should not only consider the weight of the trailer, but also pay attention to the weight of the car in front.”In addition, consumers still need to deal with separate license plates for its after buying trailer.It is understood that because the trailer trailer on the road, need to have a separate license, consumers buy the vehicle after the need to test the car and license, at the same time the trailer needs to test the car every year.A Beijing tongzhou district vehicle testing site staff said, usually trailer trailer car inspection work within an hour to complete, the main test appearance and braking.For pull-type saloon car registration process and a staff of the traffic safety service hotline 12123, under the precondition of vehicle testing qualified, the owner must carry id original, purchase invoices, domestic vehicle factory qualified certification (imports import certificates), car tax exemption certificate, original insurance, vehicle purchase tax payment of tax and other files into the window.”Yellow or blue license plate for tow – and – trailer vehicles, depending on the business window.”The staff said.In fact, not only trailer trailer, “light trailer” are required to apply for a license.A saloon-car sales staff told Beijing Business Daily reporter, in addition to the trailer trailer, trailer small board car, luggage car, etc. also need owners for its license, to drive on the road.Parking to find the camp insurance only strong insurance for a good car license business, with a C6 driver’s license can drive a trailer trailer on the road, but in the process of use also need to consider more problems.See C6 driver’s license issued after the relevant policies, Beijing citizens Mr. Zhang considered buying a trailer trailer.However, after consulting a number of RV dealers, Mr Zhang realised that parking was a problem.”The trailer trailer is smaller and can be separated from the car in front of it, but the length and width of most models are still larger than the normal parking space, making it difficult to solve the parking problem.”He said.In this regard, the rv sales staff frankly, many consumers encounter and Mr. Zhang the same problem.Usually, the parking space in the city can only park small passenger cars, it is difficult to meet the parking requirements of trailer trailer.”Consumers in the purchase of trailer trailer, can park the car in the rv camp, holiday can play to the camp, also can solve the problem of vehicle parking to a certain extent, the rental of rv camp is about 6,000 yuan – 10,000 yuan a year.”He said.In addition to vehicle parking, for owners concerned about the trailer trailer insurance problem, a trailer trailer sales staff said, currently only the Pacific and the Chinese people’s two insurance companies can provide insurance services for the trailer.A Pacific insurance chaoyang branch staff member says, to drag and hang type saloon-car can protect to hand in strong danger only.This means that in the event of a traffic accident, insurance can only pay for the loss of the other vehicle, and the cost of repairing the trailer car owners to bear.Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of passenger Car Market Information Association, said that the current domestic rv market is still in its infancy, although the ISSUANCE of a C6 driver’s license can promote the development of the trailer rv market, but the relevant supporting facilities still need to be improved.Beijing Business Daily reporter Liu Yang Liu Xiaomeng