The Spring Festival holiday is over, love shandong these services to accompany you to work together

2022-07-01 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday of the Year of the Tiger has come to an end. Today is the first day of the working day of the Year of The Year of Ren Yin. “Love Shandong” wishes you a happy old age and a happy Year of the Tiger.At the same time, we have sorted out some services of “Love Shandong” to help start work in the New Year. Wish you a smoother work and a more convenient life. Come and have a look!1.The risk of showing a health code is still there, and showing a green code is essential.”Love Shandong” mobile government service platform home page, one key direct, faster code.Information on travel cards, vaccination and nucleic acid tests can also be found here.2.Provincial social security check New Year new weather, “love Shandong” home page search, enter, select insurance place, click “social security inquiry”, you can query pension, work-related injury, unemployment insurance insurance units, payment base and other data.3.Marriage registration booking your happiness, witnessed by me.Couples who want to get a license on February 14, Valentine’s Day, can book online.”Love Shandong” home page search, enter, click “marriage registration”, according to the process.4.502 types of electronic certificates, such as electronic information of resident ID card, motor vehicle driving license and medical insurance certificate, can be applied for on the “My” page of “AI Shandong” APP. It is easy to carry, not easy to lose and easy to show the certificate.5.Does life pay cost offline pay cost have time?Through the column on the home page of “Love Shandong” APP, you can pay the electricity, water and gas bills anytime and anywhere, just by tapping your finger.In the New Year, “Love Shandong” will continue to update and launch more convenient application services for enterprises, to accompany everyone to a higher level of life and career!