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Hui Tian Fu fund general manager Zhang Hui: New Year’s message to add to the fund general manager Zhang Hui old year has been thousands of heavy brocade, the New Year into 100 feet pole.Looking back on 2021, we are witnessing an exciting moment in history.Looking overseas, the global economic and trade pattern is becoming more turbulent, the global industrial chain is being restructured at a faster pace, and the century-old transformation is accelerating.Rooted in China, the capital market released the dividend of reform, China’s scientific and technological innovation, a group of local enterprises began to emerge in the global competitiveness.Looking ahead to 2022, under the central Economic Work Conference’s keynote of “economic development as the central task” and “stability as the top priority”, the combination of policies in various fields is expected to gradually gain momentum, and China’s high-quality macroeconomic development will remain resilient.At the same time, the reform of the capital market system will forge ahead and actively create A good foundation for the a-share market investment and financing environment.We believe that under the background of China’s economic structure transformation era, superposition of Chinese manufacturing industry cycle, Chinese enterprise innovation cycle, A group of companies with global capabilities will come out, is expected to occupy the dominant position in the division of the industrial chain, a-share market will also continue layering delamination, “industry, and entrepreneurial spirit,” the trend of China high quality enterprise assets is still scarce.At the same time, in the medium and long term, macro liquidity remains relatively loose, residents’ demand for wealth management erupt, asset management products are fully netted, foreign investors continue to increase their holdings of Chinese assets, and their demand for high-quality equity assets is increasingly urgent. A-shares still have good investment value in the medium and long term.At present, opportunities and challenges coexist in China’s capital market, and public funds should take on both responsibilities.At present, the public funds faces great opportunity of the development of high quality, pension system of the three pillars will fall to the ground, investment advisory services in order to carry out digital technology innovation, the public offering fund industry power into high quality, public funds support the development of the real economy, power ordinary investors to share economic development dividend laid a solid foundation.As an important institutional investor in China’s capital market, public funds should stay true to their original aspiration, return to their business roots, adhere to investment concepts and principles, maintain a reverence for the market, do solid investment research, improve their own capabilities in an all-round way, and continue to create wealth for investors.Huitanfu will always adhere to the long-term, adhere to our investment philosophy and principles, select high-quality securities, continue to create long-term value for customers;Adhere to the clear and stable style of the product, do not follow the trend, do not blindly follow the hot spot, is committed to providing the underlying assets with clear style income characteristics, strong symbol, and can be identified;Provide one-stop solutions for customers, further improve the “fundamental hedging”, “fixed income +”, “passive active investment” multi-strategy system;With “investment” and “care”, we strive to accurately reach, identify and match the diversified needs of customers, and provide company and service throughout the whole life cycle, and adhere to the original intention to achieve wealth management goals for customers.The stream strikes water, the most vigorous is the first.We are in an exciting historical moment, huitanfu will continue to adhere to the customer first, all from the long-term perspective, adhere to our investment philosophy and principles, continue to create value for investors.Harvest Fund General Manager Jing Lei: more focused and more active for customers to enlarge the time of compound interest Harvest Fund general Manager Jing Lei fellow investors, fellow partners: Hello!On behalf of all the staff of Harvest Fund, I would like to extend my sincere greetings to you and thank you for your long-term support and trust. I wish you a happy New Year and a prosperous Year of the Tiger.Time flies. One month has passed since the launch of 2022.This month’s market performance did not meet everyone’s expectations, but this does not affect our previous views: First, The Chinese market is still the most attractive market with the strongest fundamentals in the world.Second, A shares to the good direction unchanged, but structural will be A long-term feature.The gains are in China because the Chinese market has a solid fundamental foundation.The Chinese economy is deepening and advancing in a new stage of improving quality and efficiency, focusing on supply-side structural reform and coordinating with demand-side management.Based on this main line, China’s economy has the basis of high-quality development.In 2022, under the tone of stabilizing the macroeconomic market, we believe that the market will eventually give positive expression and feedback to these solid fundamentals.However, it is worth mentioning that the long-term positive trend of A shares will not change, but the structural characteristics of A shares will be more obvious.Under the guidance of the new development concept of “innovation, coordination, green development, openness, sharing and security”, China’s economic development is also entering a new development pattern.And the new development pattern will also support or promote new industrial investment direction.Therefore, we see that new energy, green environmental protection, digital economy, high-tech and other large industries and industries benefiting from the opportunities of The Times are performing more and more prominently.The opportunities given by The Times are great, but the implied industry-level opportunities are structural.In order to win for customers in this investment, harvest believes that we must do focus;We need to concentrate our expertise and strengths on the more important tracks for our investors.However, investment ultimately needs to solve the problem of how to make customers benefit and sustainable, is how to continue to increase the benefits of society.The answer to this question is not unique.But there is an option that has been tested by the market and time, and harvest has been practicing and advocating the integration of investment and research;Superimposed on the wisdom of the team passing on the torch and resultant force;Compound interest over the final stack time.Since its establishment, harvest has managed more than one trillion yuan of assets for investors, among which the revenue generated by publicly offered products has exceeded 260 billion yuan.In the last 3 years, harvest has doubled more than 54 products after experiencing market fluctuations.This is a victory for fundamental investing, as well as for long-termism and time.Time is an indispensable factor in the investment process, but time is not impartial.I remember, in a Brief History of Time, there is a sentence, “Time can not be completely separated from and independent of space.”This is especially true when it comes to investing.We pulsate the investment world of time, not disorder.In the investment process, time is always a dependent variable.How much compound interest over time depends on how much active management the fund manager has.We do not advocate gaming, but we ask fund managers and researchers to improve the charm of time with more active management, more keen in-depth research and more positive attitude.This is also the long-termism that Harvest believes.The Times give us opportunities to create wealth for customers, customer demand is to spur us to adhere to the right direction.What Harvest should strive for is to practice the professional and long-term investment from the primary perspective;Is for customers in the direction worthy of focus and the battlefield of continuous efforts, continue to accumulate and magnify customers in the time of victory!Chinese New Year is coming, Lucky Tiger.Finally, I wish you all a happy Spring Festival and a happy Year in the coming year of the Tiger.All of us at Harvest will continue to do our best, so that everyone who chooses Harvest can finally get a result!In the New Year, I wish my colleagues and investors to continue to share quality growth and reap good value.We often say, good investment, time to see.Looking forward to 2022, Xing Securities Global Fund will adhere to the culture of responsibility, focus on building quality investment management capabilities, commit to creating long-term sustainable returns, strengthen investment management services and customer company, and together with colleagues in the industry, contribute professional strength to wealth management of thousands of families.Vanguard Fund chairman Fang One day: stay true to our original mission and embrace the opportunities of The Times. Vanguard Fund Chairman Fang one day time is not living, season is like flow.In a twinkling of an eye, we ushered in the Spring Festival of Renyin year.On this festival of family reunion, ON behalf of Wanjia Fund, I would like to extend my New Year greetings and sincere wishes to our investors and friends from all walks of life.Looking back on the Year of the Ox is of great significance.As China’s GDP continues to climb above the 100 trillion mark, we have embarked on a new journey to fully build a modern socialist country.China’s capital market supports more than 4,600 companies, providing new impetus for scientific and technological innovation and economic and social development.The opening of the BSE played a new chapter in the construction of China’s multi-level capital market.All the way rain or shine, surging forward all the way.By the end of 2021, the return rate of active management equity funds under Wanjia Fund in the past seven years was 394.56%, ranking 1/73 in the industry. The management scale of public funds of the company exceeded 265 billion yuan, including 163 billion yuan of non-goods scale, ranking 26/149 in the industry.The pen traces dragon tiger, dance sleeve blowing clouds.In the New Year, we will take our dream as the boat and fuel the glory and dream of the new era.In the New Year, we will rise to the challenge, full of confidence and expectations for the capital market;In the New Year, we will stay true to our original aspiration, continue to focus on the continuous improvement of investment management ability, and reward investors with long-term and stable investment performance.As we embark on a new journey, we embrace the opportunities of The Times.People’s yearning for a better life is the inexhaustible driving force behind the surging tide of public funds.This is the trend of history and the pulse of The Times. It is a golden age for Chinese public fund raisers.Wanjia Fund will calibrate the direction of progress in the coordinates of The Times, work tirelessly, step forward, clear conscience times to bear, live up to the great dream.As we embark on a new journey, we answer the call of duty.It is our original mission to promote common prosperity, serve the real economy and help enterprises grow.Wanjia Fund will uphold the core values of “integrity, dedication, diligence, reflection, cooperation and long-term”, give full play to professional advantages and fulfill the mission of public offering fund, help every investor to share the fruits of the development of The Times, and do our best for every trust.To embark on a new journey, we believe in the power of time.River flow day and night, generous song weiyang.Wanjia Fund will always adhere to the craftsman spirit, based on fundamental research, adhere to long-term value investment, everything from the long-term perspective, feel the power of time, accept the gift of time.Road resistance and long, line will come, line and ceaseless, the future can be.Twenty years ago, wanjia Fund broke out of its shell and has been linked with thousands of households since then.This year, in the year of “weak crown”, the Ten thousand Fund will march towards a new journey with a more vigorous attitude, brave and resolute, and ten million holders hand in hand, a total of brilliant innovation.Finally, ONCE again, I wish you a happy Spring Festival and a healthy family!The year 2022 has turned a new page for Wang Dazhi, general manager of SIIC Morgan Fund, who is embracing the era of asset management and investing in China’s new future.In the post-EPIDEMIC era of 2021, China’s asset management industry will continue to develop rapidly, with the management scale of public funds exceeding 25 trillion yuan and all kinds of asset management products in full bloom.This year, under the guidance of the “dual carbon” goal, the concept of sustainable investment has gained popularity and ESG investment is entering a period of rapid development.This year, the asset management industry is accelerating into the general trend of digitalization and technologization, and artificial intelligence is being widely used in investment, risk control, investment services and other processes.At present, under the tide of internationalization of China’s capital market and the world’s long China, the great era of China’s asset management has begun.For CIJI Morgan Fund, we firmly believe that investing in the future of China is now!We will actively embrace the new trend of the asset management industry, follow the changes of The Times, and invest in the future China with a more positive attitude and a more forward-looking vision.After 17 years of deep cultivation, Shanghai Investment Morgan Fund has a mature investment research team, rich product lines and close cooperation channel partners.Facing the future market, we are confident to provide customers with better service.At the same time, we are ready to compete with all investment institutions, including foreign institutions, to encourage and learn from each other, and to contribute to the long-term development of China’s public fund industry.We have always believed that the real source of excess returns in the capital market comes from the changes of industrial trends and social development.Therefore, CIIC Morgan is committed to investing in companies that represent the changing times in China, provide transformational and innovative technologies, and have long-term growth potential, looking for industries that represent the future over the next five or ten years.Looking to the future, although the market style changes frequently in the short term, but long-term industrial upgrading is unstoppable.In line with the general direction of the transformation and upgrading of the national economic structure, CIIC Morgan Fund will focus its research resources on the fields of science and technology, consumption, biomedicine and other fields, and select high-quality targets in the subdivision of each field. It not only pays attention to the leading players, but also tracks the rising stars with growth potential from the dimension of five and ten years in the long term.In terms of business layout, we hope to further enrich the product line and provide customers with multi-asset solutions.In addition to the traditional advantages of active equity products, further improve the layout of absolute income products, passive products, FOF products and other aspects.At the same time, cross-border investment has always been the “characteristic” of CII Morgan. We hope to introduce some good overseas strategies and products into China, so as to provide domestic investors with more choices of overseas investment.In addition, ESG investments have been a focus of our attention.Our foreign shareholders are good teachers in this regard, and Morgan Asset Management joined the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment several years ago.And by the end of June 2021, Morgan Asset Management had $2.4 trillion of assets under ESG’s management philosophy.In the future, CIIC Morgans will actively learn from the advanced experience of its foreign shareholder Morgans Asset Management, and integrate ESG indicators into the investment process and organizational framework.Coincides with the tide of capital management, the right time to forge ahead.In the New Year, CIIC Morgan Fund will continue to forge its core investment capacity, live up to the opportunities given by The Times, seize global investment opportunities for investors with global wisdom and professional and rigorous investment methods, and strive to create long-term wealth value for customers and the society.Finally, I wish the majority of investors a happy New Year and everything wins!Blockbuster!Yi Fangda, Huaxia, Guangfa, Central Europe, China Merchants, CCB and other fund leaders the latest voice!Blockbuster!South, bo shi, Peng Hua, Invesco Great Wall, Cathay Pacific, Dacheng and other fund bosses the latest voice!The latest!Rich Countries, ICBC Credit Suisse, Huatai Burui, Great Wall, Everbright Prudential, Hui ‘an and other fund leaders speak up!