Houma Market Supervision bureau to carry out fireworks during the Spring Festival ban rectification

2022-07-02 0 By

In order to further strengthen the fireworks ban ban work, effectively reduce air and noise pollution, and constantly improve the living environment and air quality, ensure public security and the personal and property safety, during the Spring Festival, the houma market supervision and administration of law enforcement personnel for inspection on fireworks sales, forbidden area to sell fireworks in the city.During the inspection, a total of environmental law enforcement staff more than 620 people, to the countryside, urban-rural fringe, grocery stores, convenience stores, open-air stalls, supermarket, SAN tin market, SAN tin square may be the focus of the sales of fireworks banned place propaganda and the high frequency of repeated inspection, screening, propaganda and screening 206 HuCi, raise public awareness by the fireworks ban ban burning,Fully create “everyone knows, everyone participates” fireworks prohibited sale and burning environment, ensure fireworks prohibited sale and burning work fine, implementation, effective.The next step, Houma City market supervision Administration will continue to control the sales of fireworks, illegal sales behavior strictly investigated strictly.(Luan Yuhong)