The youngest volunteer of Tsinghua Winter Olympics, come of age!

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On the evening of February 10, tsinghua university games volunteers civilization lead two groups held a special collective birthday party the leading role of this birthday party is six during the games are for volunteers of the youngest volunteer Shang Jian just 18 games volunteer experience formed her unique rite of Shang Jian from institute of tsinghua university not ended a grade was born in February 2004, she in the cityGuide post service group as a civilization of volunteer work on the way to volunteer from the beginning of the young and careful to self-confidence and natural and graceful and volunteer experience let her grow gradually realized as a volunteer of the new volunteers to shoulder the responsibility to participate in the games volunteer theme of Shang Jian MV “snow fancies” real mount guard after Shang Jian discovered as a cityVolunteers need to master all kinds of etiquette points not just more have the ability to improvise “every jobs have different requirements in the process of Shang Jian ability obtained the exercise” see smiling face heard yet thank you ring is my best reward “for motor position when volunteers Shang Jian in the same group of friends with our encouragement to the entranceAnd greet the audience enthusiasm and harvest “you hard” warm heart response in Beijing night audience response is the most warm in the cold wind of joy at the scene of the birthday party you joyful chorus happy birthday happy birthday to “person” cut the cake together, and play a game of laughter constantly activities also prepared a surprise “relatives and friends blessing video” link “person” are also share their “noAs the birthday of experience “link for the Shang Jian game” rite “means a kind of responsibility and a love of responsibility is the responsibilities of the job is try my best to learn the experience as a volunteer service as the responsibility of the Chinese youth participation in state affairs” in the volunteer training I saw tsinghua people use technology and beauty lifts up the Olympics as this is also I as a Chinese youth as a tsinghua peopleShould be the direction of efforts.”Passion is her love for sports, but also for China, a country that creates miracles. “The identity of winter Olympics volunteer is my determination to keep doing physical exercise in the future, which reflects my love for this land and people. The study of winter Olympics volunteer makes me realize this point more deeply.Shang Jian (left) of the winter Olympic Games in Beijing at the ceremony and the adult ceremony of Shang Jian solemnly filed applications submitted “choice at the time of the 18th birthday party application is I want to more insight into the determination to come to the party organization is also my understanding of the adult” in her view adult means means responsibility as an adult, she hope I can come to the party organizationI wish Tang Jianzhi a happy adulthood. I wish the six Winter Olympics volunteers a happy birthday. I also want to thank every winter Olympics volunteer for their hard work.Low low low source small wuye garden layout | | tsinghua Zhang Jiawen edit | painted painted Zhao Shujing highlights ▼ bring about “the atmosphere group” is not cover!See tsinghua girl winter Olympics volunteer hand ledger!Bring cute!The “Car mobilization” in the Winter Olympic Park ▲ Tsinghua Red envelope cover again!A new research institute has been set up at Tsinghua University.Tsinghua University all rights Reserved contact email Are you “watching” me