$5 billion at the box office can’t stop Watergate Bridge. It’s the ceiling of a civil war movie

2022-07-03 0 By

The $5 billion watergate Bridge box office is impossible to stop, absolutely the ceiling of the civil War film, beat Assembly two hundred…The movie “Watergate Bridge” uses a seemingly impossible hard battle to show the real and fresh images of the volunteer soldiers. They also have seven emotions and six desires, and can be affectionate. But it is with such a true psychological state that the heroes who fight bloody battles become more heroic and valuable.To weep, to see the soldiers swept to pieces by machine guns, to see the heroes melted by flamethrowers and snakes, to find tears, what a desperate, helpless campaign!Especially see Zhu Yawen played Mei Sheng, his eyes gradually scarlet, until the last almost blind right eye, from the beginning of the Confucian style, jade tree face wind, high spirits to now face scars, in addition to heartache, really can not find more appropriate words, to describe their feelings when watching the film!