Blinken goes unnoticed?

2022-07-03 0 By

America has been contributing to the cautionary tale in the recent years, so its international attention is in the midst of rapid decline, and China has formed a fairly big contrast, during the Beijing Olympics, even if the U.S. pulled out all the stops, want to boycott the Beijing Olympics coalition ally, but there are many leaders dismissed “power” in the United States,Choose to visit China and send blessings.Signs of decline, not American observers say, in the meantime, blinken as America’s secretary of state visit to Australia and Fiji news, don’t get too much attention, but also can explain and movements in the United States have no longer is the focus of the world, biden made a wrong judgment on some choices, standing on the opposite of China, active disturbance,You tell your Allies to take sides and get slapped in the face.Especially during the Beijing Olympics, the United States the number of gold MEDALS but also highlighted the us does in a recession, when saw the head of dozens of dignitaries, attend the opening ceremony, biden’s mood is self-evident, also at this time, China and Russia also sent a signal to the world, telling everybody, now the strength of China and Russia can compete with the United States,And once those faithful to the Allies in the United States have also chose the “defect”, especially the French the most outstanding, after the French leader contact with Mr Putin, began to openly and Joe biden, the us secretary of state wants to restore America’s standing in the international community, choose to visit, and high-profile announced his trip a week, but it was nowhere.China will lead the world in fact blinken since taking office, did not make a lot of good performance, even suspected his strength, compared with the past, the American secretary of state, is famous, this may also gradually decline of national power has some relationship with the United States, now, blinken some political movement has not become a focal point, is also able to see it from this phenomenon,America’s influence is in rapid decline.In the wake of the outbreak, China, not the US, is the most popular.Actually is gradually widening gap between China and the United States, while in terms of military weapons, the United States can still won the upper hand, but China’s beyond believe is only a matter of time, and biden as leaders in the United States, did not play a key role, while in his office, his diplomatic skills, and harvest, they did not meet, markThe United States is facing its greatest challenge since the Cold War.Domestic many issues to be solved, the opponent in fact has never been to China, but the United States, if not solve their own problems, but still want to prevent other countries’ development, the idea that if it is not to change, the decline of the United States will only accelerate your, in fact, the United States is the world’s instability and unrest, accelerate the recession might be a Gospel,Through the Belt and Road Initiative, China will lead the people of the world in building a community with a shared future for mankind.Some sources: Defense Times