Two stars out!Great Paris this round of exposure, Mbappe lead, Messi needs to prove himself

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Beijing time on February 5 news: the day after tomorrow 3:45 in the morning, the French league 23 round of the game as scheduled.Paris St Germain travel to Lille in a game that has been widely anticipated even before it starts.On the one hand, PSG have not been in good form and, with their squad in order, they will be hoping for a win to stop the rot.Lille also beat Greater Paris to win the league last season.Lille are the opponents who are looking forward to revenge for the French champions.Therefore, the match is still more heat, the French media l ‘Equipe has also disclosed the first round of the great Paris starting list.Donnaruma has been given a place and the young Italian will have to perform well if he is to be the first choice goalkeeper.In defence ashraf is back in the starting line-up because of his Africa Cup of Nations stint.The other wing is Nuno Mendes.Centre-back ramos is injured, so the match is markinios partner kimpumbe.Two people sit back, or let the fans more assured.In midfield, the greater Paris are well staffed, with villa Tierera and Paredes forming a midfield of three.The midfield composed of these three is reasonable in terms of organization, hardness and compatibility.This is the best midfield plan pochettino can come up with.As for the front line is still messi bappe and di Maria to form a trident.In the last game Mbappe came on as a substitute, messi started but was not in form with di Maria.The trident will certainly be in good shape for the match, and it is worth mentioning that Neymar, another superstar of Greater Paris, has returned to normal training for the team.Neymar will be safe for this round, but after another round he should be fit to play.For the Greater Paris side, they will have to be in the best possible condition to face Real Madrid in the Champions League.PSG currently sit at the top of the league with 16 wins, five draws and one defeat in Ligue 1, and although they have stumbled in recent games, that does not prevent them from enjoying a huge advantage in the league.The strategy for Greater Paris should be to train as much as possible in the league and then go further in the Champions League.Pochettino has experimented with different formations in the league several times this season, and even experimented with the extreme 4-4-24 formation in the past, but was universally criticised and the team played badly.At present he prefers to use 4-3-3, and this time against Lille, the greater Paris should also test the effectiveness of the squad.Meanwhile, greater Paris star Lionel Messi will have something to prove.Since arriving in Greater Paris, Messi has been very efficient in the Champions League, scoring 5 goals in 5 games.But in the league, Messi still only scored one goal, for a top star, such a performance is not acceptable, Messi has to prove himself.What do you think of the prospects for this match?