What are the new changes in this year’s New Year’s Eve dinner?

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New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and every family is busy preparing for the most important meal of the year, the New Year’s Eve dinner.A table of steaming New Year’s Eve dinner, full of thick flavor, warm affection.How do people prepare for the Spring Festival Dinner in 2022, and what’s new about the dinner?At present, the overall situation of the epidemic in China remains stable, and some regions are affected by the epidemic, so the situation of ordering meals for New Year’s Eve dinner varies greatly.In Tianjin, Henan and other places, medium-high risk areas are still under control, while low-risk areas have gradually resumed in-person eating.Many people are still cautious about eating out, cancelling previously booked New Year’s Eve dinners and instead cooking them at home or delivering them to restaurants.”Eating at home has resumed, but I prefer to eat at home for safety reasons.”Zhengzhou citizen Huang said.”After the news came out, I immediately contacted professional companies to accelerate procurement, and now we have begun to accept reservations for the New Year’s Eve dinner, but the orders are not as good as in previous years.”Said the catering manager of The Crystal Palace Hotel in Tianjin.In low-risk areas, more people chose to go out for dinner this Spring Festival than in the previous two years.Data from Meituan’s “Reservation” App showed that the number of users who booked restaurants for New Year’s Eve dinner in advance from Jan 1 to Jan 20, 2022, increased by more than 95 percent year-on-year.”We ate at home the year before and last Spring Festival, but this year we can finally get together in a restaurant to have some fresh food and talk about common things at home.”Shanghai citizen Zhou Bin said.”Sorry, the private room and the hall are fully booked” “There are no seats left” “Both rounds are booked on New Year’s Eve”…Recently, “Xinhua View point” reporters consulted a number of brands and time-honored restaurants in Beijing, and found that most restaurants were full of rooms on The Eve of New Year’s Eve, while some restaurants still had a small number of hall positions.”Compared with last year, this year’s New Year’s Eve dinner market demand has increased significantly.”Cui Yujian, vice president of Wangshunge Group, said, “All 27 stores in Beijing are fully booked for New Year’s Eve.”According to the Beijing Restaurant Industry Association, as of January 25, the reservation rate of New Year’s Eve dinner in nearly 900 restaurants of more than 40 brands in Beijing has exceeded 90 percent.Reporters in the visit to see, most restaurants in the door set sweep code registration, temperature measurement facilities, reduce the hall with table number, and screen, green plants, etc., to ensure that there is enough safety distance between consumers.Many consumer expresses, choose dining-room to be able to pay special attention to sanitation disinfection circumstance now, when repast as far as possible interval is sat, use public chopsticks, public spoon actively, everything is premise with safety.Wang Yongmei, deputy general manager of Chengdu Apricot Wine Co., LTD., said that the entrance and exit of the restaurant will be equipped with hand sanitizer, spraying disinfectant, and special personnel to clean the public space and facilities, “disinfection and cleaning to ensure safety is the most important.”Unlike the big tables for New Year’s Eve dinners in restaurants before the epidemic, this year, consumers tend to order small tables for New Year’s Eve dinners with fewer people, while the demand for takeaway food has increased significantly.Some catering enterprises will have dinner on the New Year’s Eve of the lower limit of the number of people released, 8 people below the small table New Year’s Eve of the increase.Mr. Jiang, who is celebrating the Spring Festival in Beijing, told reporters that this year’s Spring Festival only he and his wife, children together to eat the dinner, thought that the few people can not book, the result saw the restaurant has four people dinner set, “the price, the amount of dishes are appropriate.”Small dishes have become a new choice for many consumers.According to Meituan, businesses selling smaller dishes during this year’s Spring Festival saw a 126 percent year-on-year increase.”Small portions not only satisfy customers’ demand for a variety of dishes, but also reduce waste.”Said the head of an innovative Cantonese restaurant.In addition to the traditional dinner around a round table, take-out New Year’s Eve dinner has become a popular service standard in most restaurants and restaurants.Many businesses unite with take-out and express delivery platforms to launch a variety of New Year’s Eve dinner packages to deliver home, so consumers do not need to process them again after receiving them, saving time, worry and effort.The accompanying delivery card will also note the health information of the food preparation, packaging and delivery personnel, and each step can be traced.Chen Lifen, a researcher at the Market Economy Research Institute of the Development Research Center of The State Council, said that the popularity of take-out meals on Lunar New Year’s Eve on the one hand reflects residents’ rising income level and renewed consumption concept;On the other hand, under the prevention and control requirements of reducing gatherings, restaurant meals have been reduced, and the number of local Chinese New Year guests has increased, creating new demands for New Year’s Eve dinners among consumers.Meituan related person in charge of introduction, the number of online catering merchants offering Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner packages, compared with the same period last year, increased by more than 118 percent.In the first ten days of January, the number of online group purchase packages for Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner also exceeded that of the same period last year. Orders for takeaway dishes containing the words “Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner” and “New Year” rose by 1,590.63% from the previous month.Due to the impact of the epidemic, more people are celebrating the Spring Festival on the spot this year than in previous years, and the popularity of prepared dishes has become a big favorite of many kitchen cooks and office workers.Most of the prepared Lunar New Year dishes offered by many restaurant companies are instant hot and instant cooked.Reporters learned that the market for the sale of pre-prepared Lunar New Year dishes both brand catering launched packages, there are also commercial super research and development.In terms of variety, it includes cold dishes, hot dishes, soup POTS and desserts, covering several popular national cuisines such as Benbang cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Cantonese cuisine.Zhu Hong, executive chef of a Restaurant in Shanghai, said some people are looking forward to eating local dishes in Shanghai during the Spring Festival because they can’t go back to their hometown. “We have upgraded our dishes this year, including more than 40 prepared dishes from all over China,” he said.”Many of the ‘hard dishes’ in lunar New Year’s Dishes take a lot of time and effort to cook. We have completed all the time-consuming parts in advance. It takes more than 20 minutes for consumers to have a table full of dishes.Rt-mart cooked food research and development division Xu Bingchi said.Xiao Liu, a girl born in the 1990s in Beijing, told reporters that her family asked her to prepare more than a dozen dishes for the lunar New Year’s Eve dinner this year.She already has a plan in mind, ordering two sets of pre-prepared lunar New Year dishes that “can be defrosted, heated, and served directly on a plate. It’s quick, convenient and inexpensive.”Yang Zijiang, head of Ele. me fresh, believes that most brands that provide prepared dishes have certain strength, the hygiene situation is more reassuring to consumers, and they are more cost-effective than take-out food.”More importantly, prepared dishes allow consumers to enjoy the joy and ritual of cooking in addition to convenience.”Ding Dong Mai vegetables launched the “Five Blessings New Year’s Eve dinner” prepared meal discount package online two days were all robbed.Sales of Hema’s prepared Lunar New Year vegetables in Beijing reached five times last year.Rt-mart expects total prepared Chinese New Year vegetable sales to grow by 50 percent year-on-year this year.In addition, the consumption trend of “eating for one” has also significantly expanded, with some small portions and small sharing packaging of prepared dishes becoming more popular.”Buddha jumps over the wall”, a small package launched by a supermarket, currently accounts for 20% of sales per item.”I spend the holiday alone, and the fridge doesn’t have that much space. Smaller prepared meals are more appropriate, so you can buy more.”Ouyang, who spent the Spring Festival alone in Guangzhou, said.Photos of New Year’s Eve dinners are becoming increasingly popular among young people.Girls born after 1995 said that the New Year’s Eve dinner should not only be delicious, but also good-looking.”In order to improve their appearance, I ordered the dishes on the box. Besides the ‘big dishes’ such as flower glue chicken, I also sent’ photogenic ‘cooking utensils.”Jin Yong, vice president of the China Hotel Association, believes that under the epidemic situation, new changes such as small dishes, take-out and prepared dishes reflect the rich and diversified consumption of New Year’s Eve dinner, and also promote the integration of online and offline development of catering enterprises.”But no matter how the form of New Year’s Eve dinner changes, what we eat is reunion, what we taste is family affection, love and warmth remain unchanged.”