Liu Xiaowen answered the municipal government service hotline 12345

2022-07-06 0 By

Zhumadian radio and television media XiaoLing 16 February morning, zhumadian municipal committee, propaganda minister, vice mayor xiao-wen liu led related departments responsible comrades went into the city for the convenience of government services hotline 12345 center hall, the citizens answer calls, listen to the public for symbol of agriculture and rural areas, rural water conservancy and agricultural machinery technical advice related aspects, such as advice.Liu Xiaowen walked into the hotline hall, the phone rang constantly, the citizens responded strongly.At the hotline, Liu Xiaowen answered every call carefully, recorded the information in detail, and patiently answered their questions.Liu Xiaowen gave clear opinions on the spot if he could answer the questions from the public.If further verification and understanding are needed, on-site deployment shall be arranged;After the reception, Liu Signed and approved the rectification suggestions one by one, requiring relevant departments to quickly follow up and implement, and give satisfactory answers to the masses as soon as possible.Liu pointed out that the 12345 hotline serves as a bridge between the government and the people, and is an important channel for understanding social conditions and public opinion, addressing reasonable demands of the people and doing practical things for them.We must adhere to a people-centered development philosophy, improve service processes, improve work efficiency, and take care to address and resolve problems that have been raised by the people.We need to strengthen analysis, research and judgment, do a good job of sorting out and summarizing, draw analogies from one example to another, formulate rules and regulations, and comprehensively investigate similar problems. We need to do our utmost to address the concerns and difficulties of the people, address legitimate and legitimate appeals in a timely and proper manner, and enhance the people’s sense of happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction with solid results.