Agriculture is protected every year capture expends 500 yuan, capture expends 15 years the annuities that gets every month is such computation

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The so-called rural is now urban and rural residents endowment insurance, the old rural in the past has been replaced by the new rural, new rural has been replaced by the urban and rural residents endowment insurance place, so now had no concept of rural protection.In the following analysis, I use urban and rural residents endowment insurance to replace the concept of rural insurance, hereinafter referred to as resident endowment insurance.Residents endowment insurance, is the last part of the new agricultural insurance, is also part of the endowment insurance for urban residents, the two parts together is basic endowment insurance of urban and rural residents, merging time started in 2014, so after 2014 years, no new farming maintain, nor, old-age insurance for urban residents instead of urban and rural residents endowment insurance.Although the standard of the cost of endowment insurance of urban and rural resident and basic annuities has the standard of national unity already, also have the standard that whole province I is unified, still have the standard of city county.Generally are carried out in accordance with the standards of the whole province unified, can increase the pay cost standard of the highest of around, but increase the highest pay cost standard of benefits all parts by the local financial burden, so the local finance is bad, are generally in accordance with the standards of the unity of the province, only have their own special standard of chengdu of sichuan province.As a result of the capture cost standard of each district and standard difference of basic annuities are bigger, we are exemental with Sichuan province, if be in Sichuan expends 500 yuan every year, how many annuities can expend 15 years every month get?According to the implementation plan of Sichuan Province to improve the basic old-age insurance system for urban and rural residents, if you pay 500 yuan per year in Sichuan, the corresponding subsidy from the government is 60 yuan per year, which is equivalent to 560 yuan per year included in your personal account, and the fund balance in your personal account for 15 years of annual payment is 8,400 yuan.The 60 yuan of government subsidy every year must be paid every year. If it is the year of supplementary payment, or one-time supplementary payment, there is no government subsidy.For example, if you have paid for 10 years, the government subsidy for the 10 years will be 600 yuan. If you pay for 5 years, your personal account will be reduced by 300 yuan, and the total amount of your personal account will be 8,100 yuan.If all 15 years of contributions are paid in one lump sum before the age of 60, then the personal account only has 7,500 yuan in supplementary contributions, less than the government subsidy of 900 yuan.Resident endowment insurance expends 15 years, reach 60 one full year old can get basic pension by month, arrived 60 years old did not reach 15 years old, according to the policy of Sichuan can fill capture.Primary annuities cent is basic annuities, individual account annuities two parts.Basic annuities part, besides the lowest standard that the country sets, three fund finance of province, city and county still can give allowance.Such as pension standard is the basis of sichuan province on the basis of the provisions of the state standard increase 5 yuan per month, and then every year according to the situation of retiree annuities adjusts adjustment, provincial unified increased 5 yuan by provincial financial burden, various cities and counties can also improve appropriately, but part of the cities and counties to improve by cities and counties in fiscal responsibility.For those who pay for more than 15 years, the basic pension will be increased by 2 yuan every year, 2 yuan per month for those over 65 years old, and 3 yuan per month for those over 80 years old. So far, the basic pension in Sichuan can reach 105 yuan, which is relatively low in the country.In Sichuan, the current monthly basic pension is 105 yuan. If the individual account pension is paid year by year, the total personal account pension is 8400 yuan, the monthly personal account pension is 60.44 yuan, and the total monthly pension is 165.44 yuan. This figure does not calculate the fund interest part.If it belongs to the one-time supplementary payment, the personal account pension is 54 yuan, the total monthly pension is 159 yuan, the one-time supplementary payment is 6.44 yuan less than the annual contribution of the monthly pension.To sum up, the annual contribution of the endowment insurance for urban and rural residents is 500 yuan. If you receive the basic pension in Sichuan in 2022, the monthly basic pension will be between 159 yuan and 165.44 yuan.Of course, the basic pension of Sichuan is not exactly the same in each city, state and county, if it is in the national economy more developed local gap is bigger, if it is to begin to pay now, 15 years later treatment, basic pension is doubled on the present basis is also possible.