Meilan Lake world | under repeated epidemic, low density lake house pure villa for health code

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This spring, the epidemic in many parts of the country affected people, the repeated situation, but also let most shenyang people stay indoors, and opened a new round of “home mode”.During this period, dynamic data across the country showed that residential density was proportional to the infection index, and the denser the higher the risk.In the post-epidemic era, the disadvantages of the high-density group living lifestyle have already emerged. The lower density of the community, more suitable space for housing, and more ecological advantages of the living environment have redefined the standard of healthy housing in people’s mind.Throughout the main city of Shenyang, the low-density villas surrounded by lakes and mountains have become the preferred residences under the normalization of the epidemic.The United Nations Living environment assessment experts believe that oxygen (nature), light (sunlight), wind (convection), prevention (protection), and people (habits) are the five elements of healthy living, and low-density residential areas have natural advantages in physical conditions to block the spread of the epidemic.Meilan Lake Tiandi, as a pure villa residential area, has a plot ratio lower than 1.0, which means that people are not dense and the healthy distance is more guaranteed.At the same time, each house is placed in an independent courtyard, which can reduce the contact space of neighbors and reduce the risk of infection.At the same time, Meilan Lake world is backed by natural ecological lakes and vast mountain forests. On the one hand, it can provide sufficient negative oxygen ions and good ventilation conditions. On the other hand, it can effectively reduce suspended particulate matter in the air and further block the way of virus transmission.Villa enjoy the world courtyard house home life many dormant in the home, the villa life alone, even if people can not go out, but also have more opportunities to contact nature.The large private courtyard enclosed on three sides of Meilanhutiandi seems to be an all-embracing museum of life, allowing those complex with no place to put to go home in the courtyard.Morning stretch, looking for spring fun;Afternoon bathing in the warm sun, chatting with family, xing to also can climb the top terrace, near the leisurely and elegant courtyard, looking at the lake shimmering, at night, but also considerable starry sky, there are days to enjoy the private space, so that people do not feel bored.As the main space of the family, the house type is the center of gravity bearing the life style.In Meilan Lake World, the high free transformation villa can create a full set of room pattern, so that the space privacy perfect presentation, even if three generations live together, at the same time have different needs, in a villa can also be satisfied.The elderly cook tea in the living room on the first floor, the hostess prepares rich food in the kitchen, the male host on the second floor can work online in the luxurious living floor, and the children can study in the independent bedroom without being disturbed…There is enough space for each family member to use freely. The large French Windows on three sides are designed to bring more sunlight into the room and increase air circulation to prevent future problems.Once, villa is not a necessity of life, but after repeated epidemics, the pursuit of health and low density will become a “rigid need attitude”.Meilan Lake and Mountain ecological resources, pure villa residential area, luxurious courtyard, super value space ratio……It will let people temporarily forget the suppression of the epidemic and fully enjoy comfort and peace of mind. In the post-epidemic era, it will become a life that everyone yearned for.Meilan Lake world built surface of about 240 square meters lake courtyard villa, luxury enjoy about 150-800 square meters of private courtyard, the total price of 1.46 million, you can enjoy hunnan alcohol villa residential life.Huafu Tiandi City Exhibition Hall & marketing Center is in full bloom at the same time, looking forward to meeting you together!​​​