The story behind “Only this green” and “Tigress Roaring Spring”

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On New Year’s Eve, the 2022 Spring Festival Gala hosted by the China Media Group presents a new and unique cultural feast with warm emotions for Chinese at home and abroad.Let’s go behind the scenes of the dance drama “Only This Green” and the martial arts drama “Breast Tiger Roaring Spring” and reveal the story behind it.The dance drama “Only This Green” adopts the narrative structure of time and space interlacing to tell the story of the exhibition people’s concentration on “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”.In the women’s group dance “green” this paragraph, through a series of zen and rich imagination of scene movements, such as waiting, watching the moon, thinking, walking alone, show thousands of miles of land and mountains.Han Zhen, director of Dance “Only This Green” : When we choreographed the movements with edges and corners, they could think of the mountains, rivers, sun and moon in a painting, or the scattered rocks and the endless peaks.In the dance drama, the low back movement, known as “green waist,” amazed the audience.Under normal circumstances, when girls bend down in other roles, they always go up. But in this role, they have to relax their breath.Relax down, quiet down, in order to use body language best show “a thousand miles of rivers and Mountains” on the contend for supremacy, rivers crisscrossed.”Calm down” is what director Zhou Leia and Han Zhen emphasize most to the actors.Dance “Only this green” director Zhou Liya: let the actors quiet down, let them from this noisy life to find that mentality, to let the audience feel is the Song Dynasty people on the stage.The martial arts short drama “Tigress Howling Spring” is co-directed by five directors. On the basis of traditional martial arts performances, it adds a rich plot: a little tiger boy treks mountains and rivers, goes through hardships and dangers, and finally completes his mission.Liu Xiaohe, director of martial arts short drama “Breast Tiger Screams Spring” : The whole rehearsal method is to determine the needs of the character, and then find movements according to this need.The first attempt martial arts short drama, the director group’s first consensus is to choose a good lead tiger baby.In the end, 10-year-old Zhu pengwei won the role from hundreds of other “tiger children”.In the first three months of the countdown to the Spring Festival Gala, Zhu joined 115 kung fu kids with an average age of 15 in intensive training for 10 hours a day.Zhang Hu, coach of Henan Tagou Martial Arts School, said: “The people on the bottom of the four-storey tower are equivalent to 300 or 400 jin, and their base bears a lot of this weight.Under high intensity training, Zhu Pengwei felt pressure, therefore, the coach decided to let substitute liu Kuiyi accompany practice, adjust the state.One month before the official performance of the Spring Festival Gala, Zhu Pengwei was replaced by Liu Kuiyi because of repeated mistakes in his performance.Zhu Pengwei, actor of martial arts drama “Breast Tiger Screams Spring” : The coach said that we should seize the opportunity next year, and there will be many opportunities in the future.Martial arts drama “Breast Tiger roaring spring” star Liu Kuiyi: every time down, Zhu Pengwei said to me come on, come on, and THEN I also thank him very much.