Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical Street opened a “green channel” for medical treatment and drug dispensing

2022-07-09 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Shanghai, April 6 (Reporter Li Rong)Located in Jinshan District of Shanghai, the petrochemical street has more than 90,000 households, and the aging rate is over 38%.During the containment period, people cannot go out and medicines cannot be stopped. What should we do?In response, the streets quickly set up three medical security teams: a medical staff, cadres, volunteers to form a “medical emergency team”;A “medical consulting team” composed of neighborhood committee staff and volunteers;The other is a “medical distribution team” composed of cadres and neighborhood committee staff.Every day, they arrange the residents’ dispensing needs, contact hospitals and pharmacies to provide unified dispensing service for residents who have dispensing needs, and finally deliver drugs to their homes.In this way, a prescription green channel quickly get through.Recently, every morning, shanlong residential area “dispensing hotline” ring non-stop.Zhou Beihong, a volunteer of “Roll Call of Love”, is recording the detailed information of dispensing medicine on the list.She carefully marked them in red, yellow and green, depending on the urgency.In half a day, she had recorded 15 prescriptions, which were handed over to a “medical delivery team”.Red means residents have run out of medicine and must fill it immediately, yellow means delivery on the same day, and green means delivery on the next day.Members of the “medical delivery team” have bags of medicine slung over their arms.(Photo provided by interviewee) Zhao Guocui and his wife, who are in their 70s and live in Sicun community, felt anxious when the lockdown began.”I suffer from brain atrophy, lumbar disc herniation, eye disease and other diseases. I am a ‘medicine jar’ and cannot stop taking medicine.” Talking about the community’s help in drug dispensing, Zhao Guocui showed a large pile of drugs on the table.Street adopts the pattern of “big bulk of the community”, “medical ZiXunDui” by 26 communities, unified collect residents dispensing information and requirements to assemble dispensed “orders”, and one by the door to collect social security card, empty boxes, after disinfection, then passed on to “health care delivery team” unified generation of dispensing, and distribute for drug packaging, and with minimal effort,Try to meet the dispensing needs of the residents.With the increasing demand of residents for drug dispensing, the street adjusted the drug dispensing process urgently, dividing the 26 residential areas into blocks, dispensing drugs nearby and distributing them intensively: in the community near the community health service center and Jinshan Hospital, the staff and volunteers of the neighborhood committee made prescriptions on their own;The distant ones are handled by “medical delivery teams.”Yang Jia, a government official, was a “new member”. On her first day, she had to go to four hospitals for a patient in the community to get all the drugs.Every day, she and her team members go back and forth between the community and the hospital to deliver medicine to residents.In addition, the streets have opened 26 “green life channels” for pregnant women, hemodialysis and other special patients, and “medical emergency teams” have opened “special docking and car pick-up” services to meet residents’ urgent medical needs.