Can at any time stealth chat software can recommend it?

2022-07-11 0 By

Chat software that can be invisible at any time, now a little less popular chat software may have this feature.The usual few must-have chat software we use does not have this feature.Minority chat software because the number of users is still limited, visibility is not high, but you can consider the good luck bar encryption chat software.Stealth, camouflage!The main camouflage chat good luck encryption chat software, is a communication chat software.Security and privacy both secret chat friends software!Has a powerful camouflage function, from many aspects of chat behavior to the full camouflage.Users can customize a suitable case for themselves in the case of calculator, alarm clock, office software, news and information, game software and word-memorizing software according to the use scenario and identity.Chat software can be changed at will according to the use of scenarios, hidden in different types of shell, outsiders can not discover its true face.Also, if you are in the middle of a conversation and someone approaches you, but you don’t want to interrupt the conversation.At this point, you can flip the phone screen and quickly switch between different camouflage pages.New messages received may be viewed by outsiders as spam, calendar reminders, AD sales and other spam messages, but only the chat person knows they are from friends.Enter the password in a specific entry to see the actual message content.The message transmission of Lucky Bar is achieved through point-to-point. The system does not upload and backup users’ chat records, and these private records are kept in the user’s mobile phone.The system also does not read the user’s mobile phone address book, so it will not automatically recommend friends you may know, no third person will automatically you chat here, providing a quiet and private chat platform for the chat.Basic chat functions such as instant burn after reading and instant deletion after Posting are also provided by Lucky Bar, which does not leave any traces of chat.