China’s short track speed skating team finally won its first gold medal!Jiu Mu four years of love accompany, witness “China forward”

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On February 5, Beijing time, China’s short track speed skating team made history, consisting of Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kecin and Qu Chunyu, won the gold medal in the men’s and women’s mixed 2,000m relay at home after a series of setbacks in the semi-finals and final.Short track speed skating is the traditional strength of The Chinese team, while the mixed 2000 meters relay is a new event added to this event, focusing on testing the overall strength of a national men’s and women’s teams.China has a huge advantage in this event – wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin and Qu Chunyu combined to set a new world record in the event at the World Cup last October.In the end, the athletes of the short track speed skating team lived up to expectations, defeating Canada, Italy and Hungary in 2 minutes 37.35 seconds to win the first gold medal for the Chinese team.China’s short track speed skating team has cleared the name of China’s ice and snow by winning gold MEDALS and breaking records.Referring to the short track speed skating team, many people know that they are China’s “gold medal”, including today’s gold medal, has contributed to China’s 14 winter gold MEDALS of 11.But what many people are not familiar with is that the short track speed skating team has another identity, that is, the “history makers” of the Chinese ice and snow team.In 2002, short track speed skating helped China break the “gold medal shortage” of 22 years of competition, and achieved a breakthrough of zero gold MEDALS.In 2010, she won four gold MEDALS in short track speed skating, the best performance in history.Today, short track speed skating made history again by winning China’s first home gold medal.Because the track is shorter and there are no inner or outer circles, short track speed skating is like a 100-meter race on the ice.In 1998, Li Jiajun, the “pioneer” of Chinese men’s short track speed skating, missed the gold medal by 0.053 seconds, half a skate blade.It was not until 20 years later that his “first Gold dream of Chinese men’s short track Speed skating team” was completed by his successor in Pyeongchang.That person, is today as the last leg of the relay wu Dajing.National debate, state media commentary, China charged forward to explode the Internet.The 111.12m circuit makes short track speed skating a sport where you don’t have to think twice, just focus on the front and sprint.Special sports form, formed a special charm, but also the birth of a special cheer slogan.During the first gold match, Yang Jian, a famous commentator, shouted an appealing slogan during the commentary: “China team keep its own pace, China march forward!”.All of a sudden, China go Forward has become the “standard phrase” for people to cheer for the short track speed skating team, and even become the New Year motto of many people: “China Go Forward!Tiger year to make a lot of money, work career blunt blunt!””I will graduate this year. I hope I can fight my way out and find a good job!Forward, China!””In the New Year, China rushes forward!Chinese champion forward!!Work forward!!Happy life ahead !!!!”China marches forward, becoming the “new spirit” of the people in the New Year.Yang jian, the “voice” who made the slogan known across the country, also explained the origin of “China March Forward” on his social media account: “I like a phrase put forward by Jiu Mu called” China March Forward “.The slogan they put forward perfectly interprets the expectation of Chinese short track speed skating: strive forward, blow China’s speed storm on the track, and create the peak with glory!”Jiumu, mentioned by Yang Jian, has officially become the sponsor of China’s national short track speed skating team since 2018. It can be said that jiumu’s sanitary products have witnessed the sweat of short track speed skaters after every training.Four years of company and help, let them more and more understand the true meaning of short track speed skating, and finally put forward the slogan of “China forward” to cheer for the Chinese short track speed skating team, which perfectly combined “rush”, “struggle” and “national glory”.As expected, she won the first gold medal in China, making the whole country know the champion of short track speed skating who dares to fight and dash.In them, we see the glory of the champion, but also see the champion’s hard-won.In the snow and ice events, we once lagged behind, now through continuous efforts to impact, once again with the first gold for their own name, let the Chinese red shine in the snow and ice arena.At the same time, the athletes of the short track speed skating team, also with the spirit of China forward, inspired the morale of the people of the whole country, excited the spirit of the people of the whole country, encourage everyone and the great motherland together, towards a better life forward.