The old man saved 210,000, dying hide into the crematorium with all burned, reason: son unfilial

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Zeng Zi said, “Fortunately, there are three things: great filial piety and filial piety.”The Book of Rites” Zengzi once said, the most important filial piety is to respect your parents, the second is not to make your words and deeds bring shame to your parents, and the last is to support your parents.But in real life, many people can not even do the last point, yes, countless old people have no support, clearly have sons and daughters, but no one to support.There was an old man in Jiangsu province. His two sons refused to support him in his retirement, and the old man was forced to scavenge and rent a house by himself.But who knows, after the old man died, he actually saved 210,000 cash, hidden into the funeral together cremated.After hearing this news, the two sons regretted and scolded their father for not being authentic.In 2015, a crematorium in Sanzao Town, Funing County, Jiangsu Province, received the body of an elderly man. Surprisingly, the man’s family did not come forward, but instead offered the crematorium staff a sum of money to take the man to cremation as soon as possible.Although the staff in the heart disdain uncle’s son is not filial piety, but there is no more tube, after all, this is the family matter.But when the staff pushed the man’s body into the cremation furnace and began to cremate, something strange happened.The ashes of burning paper flew out of the cremation furnace, and paper was not supposed to be in cremation.At the same time, the sharp-eyed cremation master found hundreds of bills burning in the cremation furnace.Seeing this scene, the cremation master immediately shut down the cremation furnace, not because he was greedy, but he did not dare to continue to cremate.You should know that China’s law clearly stipulates that burning RMB is illegal. According to Article 42 of the REGULATIONS on the Administration of RMB of the People’s Republic of China, anyone who intentionally destroys RMB will be given a warning and fined less than RMB 10,000 yuan by the public security organ.Fortunately, the cremation master shut down the cremation furnace in time and did not continue to burn RMB.Before this, the cremation master also did not know that there was so much RMB hidden in the old man’s shroud, so it was not intentional damage of RMB and did not constitute a crime.But why did the old man hide the yuan in his shroud instead of leaving it to his son?Is there something else behind this?In fact, after knowing the old man’s life experience, it is easy to understand why the old man did so.Tao, a native of Sanzao Town, was also happy in his early years, having married a wife and fathered two sons.For his two sons to get married and have children, the old man was worried to pieces of heart, after his sons got married, the old man even left his two houses to his son.In theory, after the old man gave the house to the son, the two sons should take care of the old man.But the two sons shirked each other, and no one was willing to take care of the old man. In desperation, the old man had to go to the town to rent a room, and usually lived by collecting scrap.But no one thought that the old man usually pick up waste save money, there will be 210,000 so much.The old man wanted to save money for his son and grandson before he died. As long as the two sons could take care of themselves, the money would be left to the old man’s children.Can let tao uncle never think of is, two people so unfilial.At the beginning of 2015, tao felt his health was getting worse and knew his time was coming, so he asked his two sons to take care of him for a while so he could enjoy his family before he died.In fact, this is a test for tao’s two sons. If the two sons are willing to take care of themselves, he will leave the money to them in the end.To tao’s disappointment, his two sons felt anxious to drive themselves away as soon as they heard that their days were numbered.Disheartened uncle Tao returned to the rental house, and their own streets to buy a funeral clothes to change their own, waiting for the end of life that day slowly.In fact, even though tao’s two sons treated him like this, he still took a chance that his sons would help him deal with his affairs after his death.The final test was to put 210,000 yuan in the shroud.According to the local custom, the son after the death of his father, to wipe his father’s body, even if it is unfilial, will pay someone to help wipe the body and dress again.But tao uncle’s two filial sons, even to help his father do the final cleaning are not willing to let the crematorium staff will directly pull the don away.Finally also make two people and 21 thousand yuan miss arm, wait for two filial son to discover the old man’s passbook and running water, regret not at the beginning.But even so, they are still not aware of their own unfilial, but to blame the Don to death is not willing to leave money to their own.In fact, Tao’s two sons are not only morally immoral, but also suspected of committing crimes.According to the Civil Code of China, children have the duty to support their parents. If their children fail to fulfill their duty, parents who are unable to work or have difficulty in living have the right to demand their children to pay alimentation.The main content of support and assistance refers to that under the current economic and social conditions, children should provide their parents with necessary daily necessities and expenses economically, and respect, care and take care of their parents in life, spirit and emotion.For those who refuse to perform, the parents may settle the case through litigation. If the case is serious, the offender shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.The behavior of tao’s two sons not only belongs to the failure to fulfill the obligation of supporting, but also is suspected of constituting the crime of abandonment.According to Article 261 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, the crime of abandonment refers to a person who refuses to support an old, young, sick or other person who has the obligation to support him or her, if the circumstances are flagrant. he or she shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal detention or public surveillance.Because this tao elder uncle can pass legal way completely, let two sons fulfill support obligation.Or the two filial son sued the court, let them accept the legal sanctions, for their ruthlessly out a vicious spirit.But tao uncle did not do so, but in the last moment of life, still give two sons set a test, hope that his son can change his mind.But perhaps he did not think that he set the test, actually will become their two filial son of the last lesson.