Fillet of beef in the shadow of the lantern, specially for the Chinese New Year and re-engraved after the drama snacks, spicy sweet, endless aftertaste

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This year’s Spring Festival, made only two snacks, one salty and one sweet, are the traditional delicious, peach crisp and lantern shadow beef shreds.Dengying beef slicer, derived from Sichuan cuisine, is said to select beef tendon meat, cut it into thin slices, salted, airing, baking, steaming, frying, stir-frying and other processes, the thin and wide slice of beef can be seen through the shadow of the lamp.The fillet of beef in the shadow of the lamp is torn into shreds. The process is slightly different, but the fillet of beef is red and bright. It is dry but not hard to eat, spicy and sweet, crisp and strong, and it is worth repeating.In order to better taste the fresh flavor of beef, we cooked the beef without adding any spices. We always felt that the improved version of beef was more suitable for the taste of chaoshan people. It was used as snacks when we watched the drama, which was the taste of happiness.2000g beef, 5 pieces of ginger, 40g dried pepper, several pieces of bay leaf, 12g Chinese pepper powder, 120g light soy sauce, 20g sugar, appropriate amount of corn oil 1.Pick a whole sirloin that has a clear texture and can be torn into filaments when cooked.2. Rinse the beef, add ginger slices, add cold water to the pot, bring to a boil, remove and rinse the floating foam;After boiling water in the pot, put the beef into the pot and bring to a boil with high fire. Then turn down the heat to simmer for about 1.5 hours.3. Take out the cooked beef and tear it into shreds after cooling. The finer the beef shreds, the more flavorful the fried beef shreds will be.4. Heat oil and fry beef shreds in batches until dry.5. beef all fried once, and then quickly re-fried second time, fried until the beef su UCUI to be used.6. Wash dried chilies and leave them to dry. Remove the seeds and mince ginger.Wash and dry the bay leaves;Pepper ready.7. Prepare light soy sauce and sugar.8. Heat a wok with cool oil and stir fry bay leaf and dried chilli on low heat until fragrant and red oil.9. Add beef shreds, light soya sauce and sugar, turn to medium heat, constantly stir-fry sauce and beef shreds until well combined.10. Remove from heat, add ground pepper, stir fry ground pepper and shredded beef with remaining heat.11. After the shredded beef is thoroughly cooled, eat it slowly in an airtight jar. It is said to keep for a long time, but you can eat it quickly.1. When stir-frying shredded beef, all the ingredients should be prepared in advance. Dry pepper and bay leaf should be washed with water first to avoid burning.2. If you like spicy food, add more dried pepper or pepper powder. When the pepper is put into the pot, it can be turned off to avoid burning.3 shadow beef is not difficult to do, is trouble, trouble is the hand tear beef this step, but if the side of the drama tear beef is not what trouble.