Smart alerts | ford and Volvo launched in electricity plan free of charge

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The wisdom of the dispatch, the knowledge of the world.February 18, 2022, intelligent manufacturing network to bring you the latest information, covering a lot of hot topics in the field, so that you can quickly insight into the industry wind direction, find market opportunities.URTOPIA(Shenzhen Zhulun Technology Co., LTD.) today announced the completion of the PreA round of financing, A total of nearly $10 million.This round of financing by the speed of Light China and DCM co-lead the investment, obsidian capital as financial adviser.The funds will be used for market expansion, technology research and development and talent acquisition.Automated driving overall solution provider partner geometry for Bosch, February 18, the original capital investment, automatic driving overall solutions provider Shanghai geometric partner intelligent driving co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “partners” geometry) announced to complete a new round of strategic financing, this round of financing platform, the original capital investment by marketization of Bosch’s investment.Mingshang Technology, a service provider of intelligent driving safety system integration for commercial vehicles, has received another strategic investment recently.It is reported that this round of financing is jointly invested by Horizon and Botai, an Internet of vehicles operator.Through this round of financing, Mingshang Technology will accelerate the development process of intelligent commercial vehicle industry, and carry out in-depth cooperation with Horizon and Botai Group in intelligent driving, domain controller and algorithm of commercial vehicle, Internet technology and ecological application of commercial vehicle.Redwood Materials will work with dealers and debunkers in California to recycle end-of-life battery packs from hybrid and electric vehicles.The program will be free for those who hand in their car batteries.The cost of recycling, properly packaging and transporting the batteries back to the Redwood recycling facility in northern Nevada will be shared by the company, along with partners Volvo and Ford.Redwood Materials will receive all of the state’s lithium-ion and nickel-metal-hydride batteries.Nissan Motor Co (7201.TO) said Thursday it will invest $500 million to retrofit its U.S. assembly plant near Canton, Mississippi, with the aim of producing two new electric vehicles by 2025.The company is also looking for a site for a new battery plant in the United States.Nissan has said it plans to sell 40% of its cars in the United States by 2030.Guangzhou (CNS) — GAC Parts (Guangzhou) Industrial Park Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Development New Energy Co., Ltd. have signed an agreement on photovoltaic projects, the gaC Group announced on Feb. 17.The project, which is scheduled to be completed in September this year, is expected to save 2,320 tons of coal, 5782.6 tons of carbon dioxide and 174 tons of sulfur dioxide annually.On February 18, GAC Aeon announced the completion of its intelligent ecological plant expansion project.It is reported that the factory adopts big data real-time simulation virtual debugging, which saves 30% of debugging time, legos module pre-assembly, independent assembly, installation efficiency increased by 40%, and the production capacity doubled in 15 days.It is also understood that the factory adopts digital independent decision-making, source data classification and distribution edge server, which improves production efficiency by 45%, customization capacity by 35%, and achieves 100% digital ordering guidance.