Students with snow piled out textbooks, exercises and examination papers, students eyes only learning?

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The mention of students seems to be “endless homework, endless reading”.Take a look in the middle school classroom and you’ll see.The pockets of the desk were full of books, and there was always an exam paper on the desk.Suddenly thought of li Yuchun’s song: MY eyes only “book”, there is no other, you have to believe my words are not false, only you are my care, you are my dream, my heart only it.This is not because it snowed for three days in a row and could not go out, with the snow piled up a pile of textbooks, exercise books, test questions, is not the eyes of students are “learning”?”Teacher, is this my most satisfactory answer paper this year?”The teacher said: “if you put this idea to study, guarantee you than this snow roll also fire!”This is the picture of the young mother’s imagination, I laughed myself.When the snow melts, my homework will be done!That struck a chord with me.Winter will soon be over. March is only a few days after the start of the semester, and there are only less than 100 days left before June, the exam season.Time is like water, said to flow away and slip away.I hope you can seize the last time, do not let their life with regret!At this point, the emotion comes out naturally.Can’t help but think of this lyrics: “snow in love, snow in love, snow in the dream did not wake up, spoony for a lifetime of tears.There are not only love and scenery in the snow!”I slowly listen to the sound of snow falling, close my eyes and imagine that it will not stop, you can not approach, by no means too sentimental, just love the good scenery outside the window.”Snow and scenery.There was no vitality of a wall, in the snowflakes flying all over the sky, is particularly poetic.I can’t help but climb up the tree and look at the scenery in the yard.A flower a world, only a poor blessing!No rush, I can draw it with my feet!Blessed people should do blessed things. On such a cold day, why should I stay at home and be bored?Take a dive!Unfortunately met traffic police uncle……Pull me over. What a day you’re driving.I’m sorry. I’ve been on my way to Grade three.No one at home to see the child, do not know to play crazy!”Children’s fun you don’t guess don’t guess don’t guess, guess to guess you don’t understand.”What’s wrong with playing underground when turtles are up trees?Children’s fun, you really can’t imitate adults!They are the happiest people in the snow!Anyway, don’t waste god to bring you such a fun “toy”.As the saying goes, “A good snow promises a good harvest.”The snow before the Spring Festival indicates that next year will be a bumper harvest.Young mother message: next year you can harvest in their own track, candidates can test a satisfactory answer!Today’s topic: students use snow to make textbooks, exercises and test papers, do students only have the eyes of learning?