“Jane Eyre” : only reading, so that she could heal the broken heart, strong

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On the occasion of the 2022 Spring Festival, I carefully read Jane Eyre, the first book I read together after the Book Club.With young reading this book only left a little impression of the feeling is different, I seem to walk into Jane eyre’s heart, really understand and feel her and her strange fate and ups and downs of life.The book is a semi-autobiographical novel based on a story by Charlotte Bronte, one of the three Bronte Sisters of British literature.This book describes a desolate girl Jane Eyre in the harsh living environment of perseverance, hard work, self-improvement, mature growth, to a governess identity, and his manor master love, although after suffering, twists and turns, but the final success, harvest happiness story.The book Jane Eyre begins with a description of a childhood dispute between children.Ten – year – old little girl Jane live in aunt Reed’s home.Because her parents were dead and she was an orphan.The only uncle who loved her took her home to raise her, but uncle unfortunately died when she was 1 years old.Uncle died Jane eyre entrusted to aunt, asked her to treat Jane as their children.Unfortunately, Mrs Reed did not comply with her uncle’s wishes, she put Jane Eyre excluded in his family, to her even servants are not as good as, that is to scold.Jane eyre before the age of 10, treading on thin ice to live in the aunt’s hatred, cousin’s rape, cousin’s selfish indifference and servants favoritism.Young Jane eyre found a good way to make their peace of mind – reading.Reading allowed her to heal her inner pain and become strong and strong for the rest of her life.She used to sneak into a tiny breakfast-room, take a book out of a bookcase full of books, plunge into it, and devour it.The dispute began on a bleak afternoon.