The heart is the happiness of thousands of families

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Branches, spring in the bud;The brow, the smile spread.Every family decorated lanterns, beaming over the New Year.In 2021, 12.69 million new urban jobs were created, and the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents was 35,000 yuan…With stable employment and more money, people have more confidence to pursue a better life.”Enabling the people to live a better life is the starting point and goal of all our work.”General Secretary Xi Jinping has called for the people to live and work in peace and security, “do everything possible to stabilize existing employment and actively create new jobs.”Starting machines, weaving carpets, changing yarns…In the workshop of Qinghai Shengyuan Carpet Group Co., LTD., machines are humming and busy.Pieces of Tibetan carpets of different specifications, colors and patterns are hung on the exhibition wall, making people dizzying.It is also this piece of hidden carpet, pull up the local employment chain.On June 7, 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping, who is on an inspection tour in Qinghai, came here to inspect the raw materials, production process and product display of Tibetan carpets, and to learn about the protection and inheritance of the hand-woven skills of Jiaya Tibetan carpets, a national intangible cultural heritage.The head of the company told the general secretary that most of the employees were local.”Many housewives who live nearby can become skilled technicians after three to five years of training, with an average monthly salary of four to five thousand yuan.””To develop industries is to create jobs.”General Secretary Xi Jinping affirmed that “we should be good at identifying the most distinctive industries and the most dynamic enterprises”.Workers are packing snail noodles at a production line in Liuzhou, Guangxi province.The development of characteristic industries is a real way for local economy to become stronger and better.In 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed on many occasions that we should combine our own conditions and advantages to promote high-quality development and increase people’s incomes.Fujian Shaxian Snacks, Guangxi Liuzhou river snail noodles, Henan Nanyang Rose and Wormwood……Behind the prosperity of “small” industries is a “big” story of coordinated efforts to stabilize the six major industries, foster industries, promote enterprise development on the one hand, create jobs for the people, revitalize rural areas, and promote the real economy on the other.Night, dawn, streets, alleys…Many express little brother “Spring Festival does not close”, still stick to the line, through the lights of thousands of homes.”Delivery boys work very hard. They work from dawn to dusk, come rain or shine. They get busier and busier during holidays and holidays.On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping stopped at a delivery service point in Stone Hutong, Qianmen, on his way back from his visit to the east side of Beijing to visit a Courier who was still working.”We must adhere to the strategy of giving top priority to employment, give greater priority to solving the employment problem of the people, and strive to create more jobs,” the general Secretary said.New Year’s greetings and festive gifts for delivery workers in Shuofang Street, Xinwu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu province.Delivery men, truck drivers, food delivery workers, college graduates, retired military personnel, rural migrant workers and people living in difficult urban areas…General Secretary Xi Jinping is very concerned about the employment and security of these groups.”By raising each order by 10 yuan, each Courier is estimated to earn 500 to 1,000 yuan more per month.”In the second half of last year, a number of express delivery companies responded to the work Opinions on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of couriers by adjusting the distribution fees to effectively improve the legitimate rights and interests of couriers.With the introduction of relevant policies, the social security system for rural migrant workers, people with flexible employment, and people with new forms of employment has been improved, which has increased the happiness of everyone.Huawu village, Qianxi County, Guizhou Province, is full of spring in the depths of mountains.On the eve of last year’s Spring Festival, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the workshop to learn about the development of characteristic Miao embroidery industry and the inheritance of traditional ethnic culture.In the batik workshop, Peng Yi, a native of the Miao ethnic group in Huahu Village, told the general Secretary why she chose to return to her hometown to start her own business after graduate school: “I am from Huahu Village.When I was a child, I climbed out of school along the ‘Hand scraping rock’.Go to university, also rely on social support to finish school.Now, I choose to return to the village to start my own business, is to drive the villagers to get rich together.””Very good!You don’t forget why you started out!”The General Secretary affirms this.Villagers are making batiks at a miao embroidery workshop in Huawu Village, Guizhou province.Huawu Village is home to Chinese folk culture and art. Miao embroidery and batik dyeing are the key industries in the village, attracting dozens of villagers to find jobs.Thanks to a series of policies benefiting the people of the Party and the state, the housing village has realized a wonderful butterfly change.Fly to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Macau…In 2021, Peng yi became a trapeze artist in the village.In order to let people better understand Miao Embroidery, she does not give up every stage and opportunity to show.Modern countryside is a promising land and a promising field. More and more young people with passion and dreams are returning to their hometowns to start businesses in rural areas and contribute to accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.”General Secretary, I really thank you for coming to see us in your busy schedule.””These are the things I am busy with, and the greatness of the state is the happiness of the people.”Warm, spread throughout the land.Chief supervisor | Qian Wei, Wang Shanshan, Supervisor | Zhang Ou, Yan Bo, producer | Xing Lai, Shenshen, editor | Ning Li, editor | Zhang Yanan, Vision | Lin Lin, Jiang Yuhang, proofreader | Cheng Yu