“Made in Hangzhou” joined the Shanghai anti-epidemic team!

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Certificate no. C202203285405, valid until April 5, 2022, Economic Operation Department of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission……A yellow eye-catching security permit for important materials into Shanghai, 300 kilometers away from the “Made in Hangzhou” Lonso disinfection company products continuously sent to the most needed places.At present, The prevention and control of the epidemic in Shanghai is in the most urgent stage, and all forces are coming from all sides.Hangzhou Lonso Medical Disinfectant Co., LTD., which has been specializing in the field of medical disinfection products for 30 years, is one of them and has been recorded on the roster of the Shanghai Anti-epidemic mission.”The pandemic is the order.”Back on March 14, the last batch of supplies to assist Hong Kong in fighting the epidemic was sent out from Hangzhou Jiande in an orderly manner as usual, and the assignment was announced half a month ahead of schedule.It was too late to “reassemble”, and the enterprises rushed to Shanghai to help, immediately into the production and transportation of the epidemic materials.Efficient reproduction mobilization, orderly assembly line debugging……Under the order of epidemic prevention, The Jiande factory of Lonso Disinfection Company switched to full production to ensure the production of all needed epidemic prevention materials.Root and the centre of Shanghai disinfection company research and development institutions and efficient linkage, quickly collect anti epidemic information and requirements, comparing the relevant data, analyzing the characteristics of the outbreak, form the public space, the residential place and closed categories disinfection scenario that occupy the home, equipped with proportion, xiaosha pertinently program and disinfection post-treatment recovery set of solutions,Provide professional and accurate guidance and suggestions for enterprise production and scheduling.So there is such a tense busy and orderly warm picture: in the production workshop, raw materials continuously input, enterprise staff “three shifts”, the assembly line 24 hours operation.In the production process, the safety production department has been back and forth inspection and maintenance, to ensure uninterrupted production, everything is orderly.On the other side, the transit warehouse is busier than the workshop.Workers are working overtime, picking up thousands of boxes of goods a day, and more than 10 lorries ply the route between Hangzhou Jiande and Shanghai.After unified transport into Shanghai, the motorcade went to various medical institutions, isolation points and storage points designated by Shanghai Municipal Health Commission.Up to now, more than 150 shipments have been delivered, including more than 10 shipments to isolation points, more than 30 shipments to designated locations of municipal Health Commission, and more than 60 shipments to various distribution isolation points.At the same time, also through the cargo pull supplementary transport more than 30 times.To ensure that there are not a few items and a lot of goods and materials in order to fully cooperate with Shanghai’s epidemic disinfection materials on demand.The graph is urgent to send finished goods loading, waiting for the departure in the team to enter the Shanghai area to goods transportation for verification in material transportation fleet arrived in Shanghai in the morning, headed for pudong direction as we have learned, through the Nanpu Bridge centre disinfection companies to participate in and complete the escort games smoothly in early, if necessary the epidemic prevention and control of Hong Kong and a series of small breakdown of major task at the same time,After comprehensive evaluation by the Shanghai Government’s Prevention and Control Department, the product has been recommended for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Shanghai., WeiJianKang for life, as in the field of disinfection of medical supplies powerful ‘blue guards’, we need to do is to take on corporate social responsibility, do our utmost to provide professional support, disinfection epidemic prevention and control efforts to fight for those who work in the first line of the medical staff and volunteers to provide the most professional and effective prevention, epidemic prevention and control for Shanghai a hand.”Hangzhou Lonso medical disinfectant Co., LTD. Chairman sun Jiansheng said.The picture shows that Shanghai Jiading Makeshift hospital has been equipped with lonso disinfection and epidemic prevention materials