Sujiatuo town Party secretary Zhang Wentao led a team to Beijing glory and other key enterprises visit research

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Media Center in Dajiang:Integrating the media center Jia month in order to further improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service enterprises, the April 1 morning, Sue home tuo town party secretary wen-tao zhang, vice secretary of party committee Wu Jin way for Beijing to glory international co., LTD., Beijing vanke chestwood terminal project visit investigation, understand the production and operation situation, the enterprise demand docking, check the epidemic prevention and control to carry out the situation of the enterprise,Pan Yongwei, chairman of Beijing New Mu Real Estate Development Co., LTD., responsible persons of relevant departments in the town, and responsible persons of Sujiatuo power supply station and town joint stock economic cooperation association participated in the survey.Beijing Vanke Cuihu International Project is located in the south of Beiqing Road, with a construction area of 157,000 square meters. It officially entered the operation stage in January 2021. Currently, it has settled 3 high-end enterprises including Beijing Glory Terminal Co., LTD., with a total of more than 5,000 people working here.Symposium, glory product line, head of the international human resources department minister jay Beijing vanke chestwood jolene respectively describes the present situation of the company, business layout, and the future development of relevant information, report the epidemic prevention and control measures, and put forward the current in the power supply, transportation, demand for the development of subsequent construction, staff accommodation,It said it would strengthen communication and docking with Sujiatuo Town, and carry out cooperation in enterprise development, job-housing balance and other aspects.Wu Jintu gave tips on epidemic prevention and control, requiring the two companies to focus on completing basic books and updating data dynamically, so as to facilitate precise control and strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in case of emergency.Wen-tao zhang Sue home tuo town comprehensive situation was introduced in detail, especially on the collective rental housing program will be put into operation including years such as “a town of a garden land used for construction and planning situation, said Sue home tuo town is located in the zhongguancun science chengbei district, is the strategic hinterland and development of the zhongguancun science city in depth, the advantage of backwardness, my town has always attached great importance to enterprise development within their respective jurisdictions,Must attentively complete services, against the specific needs of enterprises, the relevant departments to use high quality resources, actively coordinate, precision, push the “new policy”, to create a mutual benefit development space, hope to grasp the development opportunities and improve their competitive advantages, the future both sides to strengthen communication, to seek further cooperation and jointly promote the development of regional economy with high quality.