2022, the New Year, I hope

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Time, always caught off guard, years, always alternate day and night.No matter how the day goes, the sky will light up as usual.Day by day, no matter how the year goes, the New Year will come.Unconsciously, 2021, really came to an end, the New Year bell has sounded.In the past year, we all want to be the same, there are some joy, there are also some bitterness, no matter how the past years, fortunately, all that has passed.The New Year, we can still be confident, can also start to make their own wishes.On this special day, I know that the next year will not be so smooth, but I am still full of enthusiasm and hope.The epidemic is over and I am in good health.Little did anyone know that masks have been with us for three years.In these more than 1,000 days and nights, no matter where you go, you need to wear a mask and do some safety checks.Such a life, indeed there will be some inconvenience, more important, all the time, we will have some worries, will be afraid of their own place and the outbreak of the epidemic, but also worried that they have become one of them.It’s really not a good thing to live with emotions like this, and it makes us feel particularly annoyed all the time.What’s more, the ravages of the epidemic did affect the economic development, so that a lot of people are in trouble.I really don’t like these times. So in 2022, I hope that the epidemic can be completely ended, and that every city can return to the way it was before.Also hope in this New Year, the body can be healthy, there will be no big problems.The more we have a certain age, the more we really should develop good living habits, do not stay up late, do not eat disorderly, strengthen exercise, take good care of their own body, let their physical quality become a little better, a little better.That will allow us to face life better, and it will help us not have so much to worry about all the time.Be brave and pursue your dreams.Want to live, I believe in everyone’s heart, have their own ideas.Or start a career that will make you successful, or practice an idea that you have in mind to see if it works, or get involved in a new field that will make a successful career change.We all have things we want and dreams, but most of the time, we just stop to think about everything, and don’t really do anything about it.Have been procrastinating, have been looking for a variety of excuses, and then the time passed for a long time, still stay in the same place.But we know, keep dragging on, dragging on, that really will let us no longer have the passion, also no longer have the time and energy.We always think that the future is long, many things, in fact, there is no.Always waiting, except for age, except for a worse situation, that never really leads us to anything.So, in this new beginning, I hope we can really become more brave, let the things we want to do really start.To go where you want to go, to dream what you want to dream, to prove to yourself that you can actually be fearless and be the person you really want to be.Love and be kind to the people around you.In this era, more and more people begin to think that it is good to be alone. They begin to like being single and even don’t want to fall in love and get married.Just a personal life, holding the idea of celibacy, this is nothing, but, if you have not been a good love, we actually do not have to give up too early, or should go to a good feeling.There are a lot of people, not very reliable, there are a lot of love, not so meaningful, but there are always some feelings, better than imagined, can make us feel happy.New years, I hope we can be optimistic, to feel love, touch love, let oneself taste love and be loved.In addition to love, there will be some important people around us, like relatives, like friends.Too many relationships, we always think we don’t care about, the other side will always be there, always care about us, in fact, no matter what relationship, is the same need us to maintain.In life, there are never many important people, and the important few people, we must cherish, while it is still too late, to do a good filial piety to parents, to keep precious friendship, to treat their lover, to raise their children.We have this life and only this life, not the next one, don’t look to the future, just take advantage of now, take advantage of now.Every New Year, we hope that the New Year will be better than the past.Always hoping, always looking forward to the future, that’s a very good thing, that’s what we should do.Just in the hope of the same time, we should also understand that time will make a lot of unhappy blurred, will let a lot of unhappy forgotten, but it will not really make everything better.It’s never time that makes everything better, it’s us.So in 2022, let’s make our own wishes and change ourselves appropriately.Take responsibility for your own health, for your own life, and for the people around you.To become a better version of yourself, to live the life you truly desire, is not by the light of others, but by your own efforts.Don’t have to be perfect, but worthy of the heart, in retrospect, not just full of regret, always thinking about if at the beginning, feel regret.Text/Tan Meng picture/Network