Big V net name casually “rub”?The Civil Code warns against infringement

2022-07-18 0 By

Changsha Evening News palm Changsha On February 16 (all media reporter Li Zhuo) on the Internet “rub” has a certain social popularity of the net name, may also be responsible for infringement;Residential parking garage unauthorized sale to non-owners, developers suspected of illegal……These are closely related to the civil law ABC, college students come to tell you!Today, students in Kaifu district launched the activity of “sending law to the countryside and entering the community”. Students who reported to the Justice Bureau of Kaifu District in winter vacation formed a voluntary service team of law popularization, and the first station came to the Greenland Center to preach “Civil Code” for building white-collar workers.Tan, a netizen, has used his expertise to become a big hit on Weibo, with his account Lao Tan Show You the World boasting 30 million followers and also attracting “Li Ghost”.Weibo appeared a “old Qin take you to see the world” account, the content almost completely imitate “Old Tan take you to see the world”, and frequently called on fans to forward.”Even though it is an online name, the latter’s behavior is suspected of infringing on the rights of others’ names.”Central south university graduate student Luo Xiangyu as a volunteer, spreading the relevant provisions of the civil code, remind white-collar workers often use social networking media, has certain social popularity, used by others enough to cause public confusion pen name, stage name, net, etc., with reference to the relevant provisions of the applicable name of protection of rights and the right of name, any organization or individual may interfere with or theft.The Civil Code, known as the encyclopedia of social life, is the manifesto and guarantee of civil rights.Today’s first lecture, aimed at the personality right, net name infringement in real rights, residential parking space ownership and other emerging and hot legal issues, attracted the attention of building white-collar workers.”I wanted to register a short video account with a name one word different from that of a famous Internet celebrity. Fortunately, I heard the student’s warning.”Xiao Yu, an employee of an Internet company, lamented that college students have gained from the popularization of law.The team also donated more than 100 law books to The Four Seasons Huacheng community in Kaifu District.The head of the Kaifu District Bureau of Justice said that college students sent law to the countryside into the community activities, in the Kaifu District Bureau of Justice and 16 streets of justice started at the same time, nearly 20 schools more than 100 students to participate in the popularization of law propaganda, carry out the law into the household, legal advice, on-duty practice, the content of the popularization of law online sharing activities.