Brazilian Chinese in Rio applaud Beijing Winter Olympics

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China News network on January 29A campaign to celebrate Chinese New Year and welcome the Winter Olympics was held online in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.The event was hosted by brazil-China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification (hereinafter referred to as “Brazil-China Association”). The Chinese Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro, all the supervisors of Brazil-China Association, representatives of Overseas Chinese and Taiwan compatriots, and friends from China and Brazil joined together to congratulate the New Year and cheer for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Brazil overseas network reported that the Chinese consulate general in Brazil Rio Tian Min consul general of Brazil in the activities and the system will be built, and during the outbreak of the Chinese community appeal and influence, to Brazil and ec for many years in promoting the reunification of the motherland, safeguard the interests of the state and territorial integrity and work performance.She also said that the Chinese Spring Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese people, and it is a special fate that the Spring Festival meets the Olympic Games. The meeting of the two golden times will surely open up a deep dialogue between Chinese and Western cultures, and weave a melody of beauty and harmony.She also wished you a happy New Year and the triumphant return of the athletes. She hoped that you could blaze new ground, innovate and make great efforts in your respective fields and contribute to promoting the reunification of the motherland and strengthening exchanges between China and Pakistan in all fields.Wang Junxiao, president of The Brazilian Federation of Peace and Unity, said at the event, “In 2021, with the strong support of the Chinese Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro, We are fortunate for the Overseas Chinese in Taiwan to work orderly, live a stable life and have good physical and mental health when the Brazilian economy is in a downturn due to the outbreak of COVID-19.”The permanent honorary president of the Brazilian Peace Council, Yin Chuping, attended the meeting.”We, the overseas Chinese, firmly support the Beijing Winter Olympics, support sports and promote the peaceful reunification of the motherland. We congratulate the Athletes from Brazil and other countries who have gathered in Beijing for a great achievement,” he said.Chen Biyun, representative of Taiwan Compatriots, expressed delight at the achievements made by the motherland in epidemic prevention and control, economic development, social harmony and aerospace science and technology in the past year.”As an overseas Taiwan resident, I am very proud of the Upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, which will be another milestone in the development of the World Olympic Games following the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.”Ronnie Linse, founder of the Center for Chinese Studies in Brazil, also attended the meeting and spoke highly of the Chinese government’s great achievements in epidemic control, economic operation, social stability and unity in 2021.”This is an example for governments around the world. I hope the epidemic will soon pass and I will have the opportunity to visit China again.He wished the Chinese people a happy New Year and the Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success.”He said.Also present at the meeting were Guo Tiantian, Director of the Consular Office for Overseas Chinese of the Chinese Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro, Chen Chunping, Supervisor, Executive President Zhang Xiaochun and Deputy Secretary-general Zhang Ying.The meeting was chaired by Lin Haiping, Secretary General of Brazil’s Peace Council.Source: