Curve to save phoenix?Nets 7 straight loss Steve Nash was held accountable, rookie coach tactics quite chaotic!

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The Brooklyn Nets fell from first place to sixth place in the Eastern Conference with their seventh straight loss against the Utah Jazz.Nets this service again lose, with Durant, Harden’s absence is not unrelated, but the team’s coach Steve Nash, but is considered to be the team’s biggest problem.Durant started the season averaging around 30 points per game and led the Nets to the top of the Eastern Conference.But by watching the Nets, it’s not hard to find that the team relies on durant’s individual ability at key moments, or the explosion of Patty Mills and others.Coach Steve Nash’s tactical system and personnel did not work well.Current basket net record is weak, Nash’s coaching ability problem was thoroughly exposed.Now the Nets, can be said to be in the wind and rain, Durant’s return is uncertain, the season has entered the final sprint moment.The sixth-place Nets are four games behind the bulls, but Harden has struggled and suffered injuries.With Irving on the road, it’s unclear whether the team’s record will rise or fall.After all, no team has ever won a championship after losing seven games in a row or more.The nets spend a lot of money to build the big three lineup, not even together to play more than 30 games, it is a pity.The Nets are open to a trade for James Harden, who has also been implicated in trade rumors.The team may be on the verge of falling apart.Nash in his playing days, can be said to be a master control level player.As a point guard, Nash was a commander on the court, always finding ways to get the ball into the hands of his teammates.But in his two seasons as coach of the Nets, Nash’s tactical ability was not reflected at all, it can be said that without the play of Durant and others, the Nets want to rely on Nash’s tactics to win games, it is relatively rare.Steve Kerr, who coached the Warriors as a rookie, was in a very different situation.One is that the Warriors’ core of Curry, Green and Thompson has been stable.The other is that Steve Kerr learned a lot from coaching under Popovich.Nash’s lack of experience is no surprise as he stepped directly into the nets’ coaching position after a few years of retirement.It is no wonder that some fans joked that Nash was in the Nets, but the eastern Conference hot team nets, brought to this situation.In a way, Nash also helped the Nets clear the SUNS of the playoffs.Did Nash really help the SUNS with his curves?