Macro Light MINIEV Macaron 30000 more beautiful and practical

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I am a girl born after 1995. After graduation, I have been engaged in the fashion design industry that I like.To be honest, it is really a very happy thing to deal with my favorite design software and design manuscript every day. However, the company will need to work overtime from time to time, so I have to go back by myself when I work overtime late.Although the company is not far away from home, I can get home quickly by bike or by car, but my family and I feel not too safe, so I want to buy a mobility bike, and after careful understanding, finally bought hongguang MINIEV Macaron.At first heard that I want to buy a car instead of walking, family feel pure electric new energy vehicles to suit, I decided to go to small red x h look at the book, let me know that the macro light on the software MINIEV this car, holding the idea of try to wuling 4 s shop to see the macro light MINIEV marca dragon, with its threshold than conventional version of macro light MINIEV slightly tall,But the fashionable color match is more in line with my aesthetic taste, the design is very beautiful, the actual threshold is also more than 30,000 yuan, and there is no purchase tax.As a result, the end of the proposed set of endurance for 120km macro Light MINIEV Macaron.When I drive MINIEV Macaron to work, there are always many people looking back at my car in the street, maybe they think it is special. Every time I drive MINIEV Macaron through the downtown business district, it seems to be “walking scenery”.When I drove my car to the company and parked it in the parking lot of the company, every time I met my colleagues, they would come up to me and say a few words, asking me how I used the car and how much it cost. When I told them it was only 30,000 yuan, they were all surprised that there was such a cheap scooter.Some of my colleagues have not yet bought a car, but they have always wanted to buy a car. When they knew that my car was only over 30,000 yuan, some of them even offered to ride my car in order to prepare for buying hongguang MINIEV Macarons for themselves.When it comes to riding a car, I have to introduce Hongguang MINIEV Macaron. The small car body also provides four seats. Although I usually go to and from work alone, I still take my sister and my girlfriends to some online celebrity spots to clock in on weekends or holidays.Last time, I went to the long-awaited Creative space Wanghong Store, which is an art space integrating bar, dessert house and gallery. During the day, it will sell roasted marshmallows, ice cream, customized desserts and so on. At night, it will become a unique bar.It is worth mentioning that the decoration and display of the store are very delicate. For me, who is a designer, it is a good opportunity to inspire inspiration. I can take photos for an afternoon and then seamlessly join the bar to relax at night.Once when I went to an online celebrity shop to check in, I met a car friend of MINIEV Macaron. She not only drove her MINIEV Macron, but also had the same color as mine. The two cars were very bright parked together.Of course, I can drive whenever I want to go, which is also related to the property of Hongguang MINIEV Macaron as a new energy car. I can enter the city all year round because I am not restricted by the license number. This is also the reason why I decided to buy a new energy car at that time.It only costs 5 cents per kilometer, and there is no pressure to keep a car.For example, I once drove my MINIEV macaron to take my family to the mall.My father is tall, while my mother and my sister are slightly short, so my father and I sit in the front row, and my mother and my sister sit in the back row. Although it is not very spacious, it is still no problem for short-distance shopping and peripheral travel.When I came out of the shopping mall, there were many cars in the parking lot, and the flow of people was much larger than before. It would be very troublesome to turn around if I moved back and forth. Fortunately, the MINIEV macaron was small and compact, so I turned around and left successfully.Therefore, Hongguang MINIEV macaron as a whole is more suitable for office workers in big cities, which is convenient for travel and practical.As for the charging problem of Hongguangminiev Macaron, I would like to say that I charge it every night when I sleep and rest, and charge it once a week, which will not bring extra trouble to my life. In other words, any car has its disadvantages. Since you like its advantages, you should also accept its disadvantages, right?