No need to go out!To the city’s teachers and parents of the initiative

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Teachers, students and parents of The whole city: At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in China is grim and complicated.Zhongshan city education and sports bureau called for the teachers and students in the city (including various members of the faculty, hereinafter the same) and parents friends act now, consciously abide by epidemic prevention and control requirements, out less, so as to reduce the flow, with the practical action to carry out the management requirements of the “strict tightening” epidemic prevention and control of the municipal party committee, build social health community together.To this end, we propose: first, non-essential market.All teachers, students and parents are encouraged to enhance their awareness of self-protection and responsibility to protect others, and do not go out of the city or province unless necessary, and do not go to medium-high risk areas in China and their local cities.Leave the city to report for approval or preparation.If teachers, students and parents must leave the city under special circumstances, please report for approval or preparation.Teachers should apply to the school in advance and only after approval can they leave.Students and parents should report to the class teacher in advance.The school should do a good job of tracking the management of personnel out of the ledger.3. Please take protective measures when you go out.Outbound travelers are advised to strictly follow local epidemic prevention and control regulations, strengthen self-protection, wear masks correctly, wash hands frequently, avoid public transportation as much as possible, report their activity and health status truthfully in time, and perform self-health monitoring for 14 days after returning to school.Iv. After returning to the market, please do a good job in control and monitoring.After returning to Zhongshan, teachers and students should report to their communities and schools immediately. They should strictly follow the requirements of the health authorities under their jurisdiction and take various epidemic prevention measures. They should return to school with negative nucleic acid test certificate and travel card.After returning from the trip, please report to the class teacher, and the school will include the corresponding students in the latest campus nucleic acid sampling range.Fifth, reduce gathering activities.Teachers, students and parents are requested to reduce non-essential gathering activities, visit and dine less, and strictly abide by the relevant epidemic prevention and control measures and requirements of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters during qingming Festival.Those who fail to comply with epidemic prevention requirements, conceal their travel schedule, or make false reports will be dealt with in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.Let us work together, join hands with families and schools, and work together to guard every child and protect our future. Let us make contributions to the battle of epidemic prevention and control.Zhongshan Campus Epidemic Prevention and Control Special Class March 27, 2022 Dengdu Town Editorial Department Editor: Xue Yajing, Editor: Xiaomi Executive Editor: Yuan Xinqiang, Editor in chief: Liang Yongbin Source of materials: Published by Zhongshan