North China hit the obvious snow weather: Beijing to the next day, the observatory issued a blue warning blizzard

2022-07-18 0 By

Friends in North China, do you have snow there?Photographers are taking a look at the apparent snowfall in North China from the Palace Museum in Jingshan, Beijing (live address: Baidu).According to the photographer, visibility is decreasing as snow continues to fall.According to the Beijing Meteorological Official micro, the city meteorological Station on February 13, 2022 08:45 blue warning signal blizzard: the city has appeared obvious snow, it is expected that the current to the 14th 05, most of the accumulative snowfall is greater than 4mm, the northern and western regions will reach about 10mm, please pay attention to prevention.The central Meteorological Station official micro reminded that the snow will continue today, the amount of snow will be considerable, we go out carefully slow, pay attention to skid.Images on social media platforms show sanitation workers in many parts of Beijing stepping up snow removal operations to facilitate road travel.According to the latest weather warning of the Central Meteorological Station, from yesterday to this morning, some areas in central Inner Mongolia, northern Shanxi, northern Hebei, Beijing, southern Tianjin and northeastern Heilongjiang, northern Xinjiang and other places saw light to moderate snow;At present, central and northern Hebei, central and southern Beijing, southern Tianjin, northern Shanxi and other places snow depth of 1 ~ 3 cm, local 5 ~ 7 cm.The National Meteorological Center continued to issue a blue alert for snowstorm this morning, predicting heavy snow in parts of central Inner Mongolia, northern Shanxi, central and northern Hebei, northern Beijing, southern Tianjin, eastern and southern Liaoning, and Xinjiang along the Tianshan Mountains.The depth of new snow in some of the above areas was 1 to 4 centimeters, and local areas could reach more than 6 centimeters.Tomorrow, the snow in North China basically stopped, the main snow areas will be transferred to the northeast, northeast Inner Mongolia, northwest and east Heilongjiang, eastern Jilin, eastern Liaoning and some areas have light to moderate snow, among them, eastern Jilin and some areas have heavy snow.- THE END – Source: Fast Technology